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McCormick was born in 1958. 2001: A Space Odyssey is a 1968 science fiction film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The screenplay was co-written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, and was partially inspired by Clarke's short story "The Sentinel". Mccormick may have seen the movie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001:_A_Space_Odyssey_%28film%29
 Hello from Spain.

- The master key to understanding Mccormick´s notes should be sought in the last line of the 2nd note the signature of the deceased.

- I saw that certain letters were repeated as in the word "Mccormick" and i remembered the joke of Arthur C. Clarrke in the movie "2001" (IBM= HAL 9000).
Although it is often conjectured that the name HAL was based on a one-letter shift from the name IBM, this has been denied by both Clarke and 2001 director Stanley Kubrick. In 2010: Odyssey Two, Clarke speaks through the character of Dr. Chandra (he originally spoke through Dr. Floyd until Chandra was awoken), who characterized this idea as: "[u]tter nonsense! [...] I thought that by now every intelligent person knew that H-A-L is derived from Heuristic ALgorithmic". Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HAL_9000

- And this is my solution:

Last line of the 2nd note. I see this:
"O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX" = "OWN-FOR I AM MCCORM(i)CK" because ...

+ O=O, W=W and R=R
+ m=N, H=I and L=M by use Caesar code B or +1
+ 4= four= for by phonetic solution
+ 8= eight= eit= ei= letter A by phonetic solution
+ X= Variations of the letter "c" (MC, C and CK) by shorthand use.
+ The hyphen join the letters in a word.
+ Vowel "i" by usual solution in shorthand transcription

- If you think "4" is not "4" but "Y" and "8" is not "8" but "I" then the solution is:

+"Y"= wai= WHY or WAY by phonetic solution, similar sound.
+"I"= ai= letter A by phonetic solution, graphic representation of a sound.


-This is the master key.

-The plaintext not exist.

-Only exist a stenographyc or shorthand text that was hidden with a personal shorthand system with some measures of deception.

-Finally, in Marais Temps Clair C.A. (MO) there is a suitcase buried by Mccormick with money ($99.840) and more, perhaps after 651 steps (or measures) from the home number 35, near a curve in a bird watching position (i suppose it is the best place). 

Bird hide with low windows at Doñana National Park in Spain. This place used to watch the birds without scaring them, is a good place to hide something under the wood floor. http://www.poweredbybirds.com/where-are-the-hides-hiding/

Where are the hides hiding? Look the link:


- Good luck & search.


By the way....

1) A second unsolved murder exist, Mccormick report that in the note one, line 12.

2) Can anyone tell me if at the northern entrance of Marais temps Clair C.A. (MO) is a house with the number 35?:

+I HAVE FOUND THE HOME NUMBER 35 from Spain).....
...... in the place i had predicted to 36 miles and 29 miles from 1400 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis (MO), the official residence of Mccormick, and is next to the northern entrance of Marais Temps Clair CA (MO), is that:

6035 missouri 94, Partage Des Sioux, MO 63373 United States.

By Google.


+ Anyone can check and see the house. I used Google maps and "Street View", and the calculation of the distance is a rough estimate by Google (and remember Mccormick wrote this in 1999).

+ This show that i was right and i deciphered correctly the Mccormick notes.

+ Now you have to walk 651 steps from the northern entrance to a bird watching site has been after the curve or the central curve (and not make the Jupiter´s mistake).


+ Who could understand the Mccormick´s notes?
The local police and the FBI asked the family and acquaintances of the victim. And got nothing.
If there was someone who knew the key, now, since the FBI did publish the notes, this person is silent. If that person ever existed.

+ It is strange that no one asked for justice. McCormick had family and children but no one asks for revenge or justice. I think everybody thought he was an idiot. When he was tried in 1993, the judge asked whether he was sane. eventually he was tried.

+ In his criminal history appears only stay in prison 1993-94.
He served 11 months of a three-year sentence for statutory rape

A coded note that only one person knows their meaning need not be signed but ....
1- A coded note that only two people know their meaning need not be signed. The other person knows who has written it.
2- A person signs a promissory note or contract to make public their willingness or agreement ( here last will or testament).
3- The easiest solution is that the note was addressed to one who found his body, and of course who would take care of your body is the local police or the coroner.

I guess:

 "PRSE" means "Praise" because he wants to say something important or something to be remembered. In the text I think is his autobiography.

  "WLD" means "Would" because because this group of words is repeated too many times, as if it were a verb and he was planning an action plan or desire to accomplish ( last will or testament).

I decided to follow the instructions that Edgar Allan Poe explains to understand a text encoded in his short story entitled "The Gold Bug": 

+Poe´s "Gold Bug" short story

+Explanation of Poe:....... 
One way to solve a cryptogram representing a message written in English is to substitute a letter of the alphabet for the most frequently occurring character (or number, punctuation mark, letter, etc.). For example, if the most frequently occurring character is a plus sign (+), one may proceed toward a solution by substituting the most frequently occurring letter in the English alphabet, e. He or she may then make other substitutions, based on a character's frequency of occurrence, with frequently occurring alphabet letters.
.......Poe (Legrand) assumed that the cryptogram on the parchment did in fact represent English words after determining that it had been written by the notorious British pirate Captain William Kidd (circa 1645-1701). He then began making substitutions, pointing out to the narrator that the most frequently occurring alphabet letters, after e, are a, o, i, d, h, n, r, s, t, u, y, c, f, g, l, m, w, b, k, p, q, x, and z. The cryptogram in the story is as follows:
Solution and more: http://knowingpoe.thinkport.org/writer/secret.asp

+I had to solve 5 problems like in the story: 
1)The problem of the firm.
2) The problem whit the letter "E" and other instances: 
--If there are so few is because vowels are not necessary and this means it is shorthand
3) The advantages of a handwritten text: 
-- If this note 2 is dirty, because is needed to be dirty
4) Find the hostel of the Bishop. 
--Look at the crime scene, analyze the map.
5) Jupiter´s role & the unexpected thing: The error of "Jupiter" and the "malapropism" : 
-- Unintentional use of an inappropriate word similar in sound to the appropriate word, often with humorous effect. The word derives from the name Mrs. Malaprop, a character in The Rivals, a 1775 play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Sheridan invented her name from the French words mal à propos, loosely translated as badly chosen, not right for the occasion, or not appropriate. Mrs. Malaprop has the habit of using near-miss words. For example, she observes that she does not have much affluence over her niece and refers to contiguous countries as contagious countries. However, almost two centuries before Sheridan presented a character who mixed up words in this way, Shakespeare introduced characters who did so–most notably Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing.

You have to start with what you've discovered, so when I discovered:
"H8L XORLX OWM-4" could be "OWN-for I AM MCCORMICK" then ....
If X = MC, C or CK and L = M by applying the Caesar code B or +1, then XL could be the verb "to CoMe".

Then, as Edgar Allan Poe recommended, apply what I thought a short text of note 1, last line, end: (TRFXL)
(TRFXL) could be: "TeRRiFy CoMe" or a variation like "TeRRiFing Came" or others.

When I saw the date of stay in prison 1994, and I supposed that rapists (or statutory rape) were abused in prison, then I figured that the stay in prison could be something scary for him, or out of prison for him would be very good.

+ It is necessary to reconstruct the text based on what you find out and also makes sense.

+ There are 5 problems that puzzled me from the beginning: 1-Why did you sign a note?

2-The body is in an absurd place and without being buried.
Any reader of the works of Mark Twain knows that the best place to get rid of a corpse is the Mississippi River. Here is the Missouri and Mississippi, if you look at the map you can understand the situation.

3-A note 1 is clean and the note 2 is dirty.

4-The notes are in the pocket of his pants.
No out.

5-No evidence of murder, according to forensic physicians.He suffers from heart disease and chronic lung, and disabling to lead a normal life and collects money from the state for this reason.
It is not necessary to kill.

And I tried to solve the problems as simple as possible Based on the biography of McCormick, "The Gold Bug" and Mark Twain and his novels "Tom Sawyer Detective" and others.



+ Ihave done what they have asked. It seems they do not like.
+ It appears that the FBI and local police lied to the family of McCormick:

"Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?"
- By Christopher Tritto (published: June 14, 2012).


McCormick's mother, Frankie Sparks, says:
"They told us the only thing in his pockets was the emergency - room ticket,"
"Now, twelve years later, they come back with this chicken-scratch shit."

-In the links I mentioned above can read the full story.

-It seems that everyone thought that Ricky was a idiot and the family was misled or not informed of police/FBI investigations.

-These guys from the FBI ...... trying to trick a sweet and helpless old lady.

Bye from Spain

END  .... Saga of Mccormick.


Chapter 1: The signature of Mccormick.

Chapter 2: The 5 problems to be solved according Edgar Allan Poe short story "The Gold Bug",

Chapter 3: Who is Mccormick? & Does he reports a crime?

Chapter 4:   DECODE  (working in progress).

Chapter 5: My theories are the following: (working in progress).

Chapter 6: Mccormick´s treasure Map: (searching in progres) 

Chapter 7:  Unexpected murder

Chapter 8:I have found the home number 35

Chapter 9: Rebuilding Mccormick´s stenographic note one

Chapter 10: Rebuilding mccormick´s stenographic note two

Chapter 11: An real unsolved murder, i suppose 


And .... Who killed Mccormick ?  (part 1).

And .... Who killed Mccormick ?  (part2).
A dream about Mccormick & a little black girl.

More details of the life & death of Ricky Mccormick.

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  1. CHANGE nº 1 + The word exist

    "O-W-m-y H8L XORLX" means "Owny I am MC(c)ORM(i)CK

    Y = Y , because the word OWNY really exist
    OWNY is a informal noun = "On my ownsome i am Mc(c)orm(i)Ck"
    according the Collins Internet dictionary of English
    Read more:

  2. CHANGE nº 2 + Addenda, SOLVE FOR X

    X = C, MC, CK and CC (digraph)
    There is the part that is repeated, it is a typically shorthand solution.
    It reminded me that those who can not write signed with an X or something.

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    35 GL = 35 HOME or 35 HEADQUARTERS (the home of Marais Temps Clair CA or office)

    Between the gas station and the park entrance where are the offices of the park HQ is 35 miles, and from there you have 651 steps until a hut


DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.