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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

++ AND .... WHO KILLED MCCORMICK?. ( Part two ) - A theory - End..

                                                        Too close to the highway 367

---I hope at least someone has read "The Gold Bug" and "Tom Sawyer, Detective" rather than a bureaucrat of some library ban Mark Twain and E. A. Poe by racist and nothing more....

The Solution:

A)---If you watch the video of "wusa9.com" about Mccormick´s case, you can see that the place where the corpse was found is too near the highway 367, a dirt road, and leaves the body visible to everyone at the corner of a cultivated field.

A body too visible to anyone.

++This means that the body was left for the sole purpose to get rid of it quickly and without bothering to hide it because is a stranger to him. What is done to see him never more.

B)---If you look the Mccormick´s notes you can see that are different, too different, the first text is clean and looks good compared to the second note also that is dirty.

++ This means that Note one is final note 
++ The Note 2 is a note unfinished, an interim note,a typical entry when you doing  a job and want to save some date (to write  after the official or final text), nothing more.

C)---The stain of note 2 which makes it difficult to read the text.

++ This means the stain has the size and is in the place where anyone could put the hand to write. Mccormick was conducting some manual and dirty work before writing the second note. Something he will not do never more.

D)---Mccormick  buried in Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) a suitcase with $  99.840 and something else.

++The shovel of E. A. Poe and the little screwdriver of Mark Twain are necessary to hide something . Who wants to steal a garden spade?. This means that someone took the shovel accidentally , nothing more.

E)---And the medication, food, water and others items needed when you make a short trip? Where are these things?

++This  means they are in a bag or backpack. Who would steal these things?. Again no one would ever steal, never. This is an unexpected subtraction , nothing more.

F)---Mccormick had no car or motorcycle and were not found near him.

++This means that strange took him in his car, nothing more.

G)---The notes were in her clothes.

++This means that someone does not look in the clothes. He did not know its existence and neither was interesed in the notes; never before, never after and never more.

H)---Why kill?.

++Is it really necessary to kill someone who is sick of heart and lungs?. Revenge?
--Almost 5 years served his sentence it is too later.
--Steal what? 
Mccormick has no identifiable enemy, none and none more.

I)---To get from St. Louis (mo) to Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) by way of the north has to pass througth the highway 367.

---So...who could kill Mccormick is: NOBODY.
(Whoever wants to know the details of his death should ask who picked to hitchhiker).


+++Mccormick went to Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) to bury a bag o suitcase  and was wearing everything  necessary in another bag  or backpack (medication, food, water, garden spade...). He dug  a hole despite his illness and his hands dirty wrote the note 2, the most important note for their latest details ans specifications. Note 1 contains a general description  of the chosen site and its autobiography (very similar to that made Confucius) something that can be done at home. 

+++The note 2 is unfinished and ugly because he failed to return home to finished as the other. He covered  the hole and when he finished he came home with a backpack but he had no car.... and decided to be a hitchhiker.

+++Someone decided to pick up  a hitchhiker  who seemed tired, and left his backpack on the back of the vehicle, but something  went wrong on the way back to St. Louis (mo). Mccormick died and the driver, terrified, turned  back and looked  for a place to put  the corpse out immediately.

+++He left  the highway 367 and quickly turned. He threw the body but forgot to throw the Mccormick´s bag and thougt the nightmare was over for ever and ever .... nothing more.


+++The driver is a man, african-american, 35 or 60 years old, manual worker, lived in St. Louis (mo), and may be work in Augusta Ava, religious but  has had  legal problems before.

+++He may have a traffic ticked for that day or by going drunk and his name may be in the police departament in St. Louis (mo).

+++From that day he did not want  more hitchhikers in his car  and is something that prevents. He  has become more secretive and, perhaps, has become more religious or alcoholic. If you publish this profile maybe someone (first in the family) would recognize the person.


+++ This is the easiest solution. And if i am wrong this is a good argument for "Castle", "The Mentalist" or "CSI". I can not do anything else from my room in Barcelona ( Spain, Europe).

+++I hope everything is clear before Obama visit again Jerusalem riding on his beast ... nothing more.

END 2011 

(This is not bad for someone who does not know English. Bye).


domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2011

++ AND .... WHO KILLED MCCORMICK?. ( Part one ) - A Theory.


--- It is usual: Perhaps the St. Louis PD and the FBI hides some information. So my opinion is only a theory until if reveals something new ( if there is anything new, of course ).

-----------------------UPDATE-JULY 2012------------------------------

++ It appears that the FBI and local police lied to the family of McCormick:


 McCormick's mother, Frankie Sparks, says:
 "They told us the only thing in his pockets was the emergency - room ticket,"
 "Now, twelve years later, they come back with this chicken-scratch shit."

-In the links I mentioned above can read the full story.
-It seems that everyone thought that Ricky was a idiot and the family was misled or not informed of police/FBI  investigations. 

-These guys from the FBI ...... trying to trick a sweet and helpless old lady.

---It is unusual but necessary to understand the sequence of events:
 + The note 2 is dirty.
 + The notes are still inside their clothes. 
 + You can not explain his dead. No evidence.
.... but this may be related to each other. 


--- .... And old map to an old case:

+ The map of St. Louis (mo) that accompanies this page is not current but it can be used to get on idea of the situation of the rivers, the county of St. Charles, West Alton, and the place where the deceased was found: North of St. Louis (mo), a triangle between highway 367 (look 67), Spanish Lake and the railway line CB-Q.

+ Mccormick had a St. Louis (mo) an official/legal address: 1400 Chouteau Avenue, near the center of the City and the Mississippi River.

+ MARAIS TEMPS CLAIR CA. (mo) is a blue spot beneath "Portage des Sioux" in the northwest corner of the map (between railway line CB-Q and roads ).


---I always thought it strange the place where she / he found the corpse of Mccormick. It was the weirdest place to put down and hide a body. My knowledge of the area down to my reading of the works  of Mark Twain, the person who best knew the Mississippi River and its tributaries like the Missouri River, in particular his travel books:

--"Life on the Mississippi"--
--"Old times on the Mississippi"--
--"Roughing it"-- 

......and the novels of Tom Sawyer ( among others ).

---A river is one of the best places to get rid a body. The river moves objects, rot, destroys and change the land with the force of the flood. And usually ends up the dead from somewhere flooting in the river. The evidences are usually erased by the water and we see quite decomposed corpse.

---But Mccormick was found next to the highway 367 and a dirt road, was at first sight, and at the corner of a cornfield. Nobody knows who killed him and how. The FBI is determinated to say "it is a murder case" but will not say why. The medical examiner of St. Charles County was not able to find something to justify the death of Mccormick.

-Mccormick who was identified by his finger prints, suffered from chronic heart and lung problems. 

-It remains a puzzle why he might have decided one day to visit and agricultural area.

+ I decided to review the information avalable at:





 ---...and the result is as follows:


---The most likely solution Mccormick´s death and case (the notes and the code that FBI does not understand) is given as follows:

1)- On Friday Mccormick went to the doctor for further treatment. He was ill for a long time. He suffered a cardiovascular disease and received a certain amount of money for it. He was lost seen alive late in the afternoon of june 25 at Forest Park Hospital in St. Louis (mo).

2)- I guess on Monday went to MARAIS TEMPS CLAIR CA. (mo) to bury a suitcase.

3)- On Wednesday his body was found in on advanced state of decomposition and their clothes had two notes.

4)- The dead body was left near the highway 367 and in plain view at the corner of a cultivated field.

5)- Mccormick did not own a car or motorcycle and the area is not served by buses or trains.

6)- Living on and off with his elderly mother and spending much of his time on the street. 

7)- The note 2 is dirty and unsightly compared with the note 1, and the difference opens another very important path:

8)- Mccormick´s family members said he had used similar code as a secret language since his childhood and that none of his relatives knew  how to decipher.

9)- In addition to a few misdemeanor offenses, he had been convicted of statutory rape and served about 11 months of a three-year prison sentence ( sentence date 11/ august /93 ).

+ These figures inspire me these questions:

-Where is the medication?
-Where is the vehicle?
-Where is the garden spade or military spade?

-Where is the backpack or knapsack to carry the usual items on a short trip?
-Why continues the notes on the clothes?
-The note 2 is so because it is an interim note. Why?
-Why in note 2 there is a big spot?

+ In my humble opinion the answer is found in "Tom Sawyer Detective" a novel by Mark Twain that made me reflect on:

-The importance of the presence or abscence of a small screwdriver.
-The question of Blacksmith: Why kill?
-The ignorance of Jupiter Dunlap.

---( I recommend reading the novel based on real criminal fact happened in Europe before someone decides to ban or rewrite the book of Mark Twain to be a "dangerous racist propaganda" to children´s minds ).

Is a good thing and thought, i think.

+ And the murderer is ..... look part two.


To be Continued .


jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011


---Ricky Mccormick´s THE TREASURE MAP 

--------------------- (Working in progress) ---------------------------

+ The POE´s last problem: The Jupiter´s mistake

----"Begin at the beggining and end when you reach the end then you stop, of course."

Lewis Carroll (1832 -1898). English writer.

There is a map error, the error of Jupiter. Do you can see?
Exactly, 651 steps is a much shorter distance
Let us get started.
(thanks to Gary Williams from Missouri -June 2012-).
Bye from Spain

Addenda et corrigenda (January 2012)

+Some people think it is a wet ground, but if you look on the official map, i guess the bag is buried in the central zone that has a little dry area (pool 6, north):                                                                    

Addenda et corrigenda (april 29, 2012)


+The photo is a treasure map.

+ Mccormick´s stenographyc  notes tell us how we can find 99.840 dollars and more hidden in a suitcase buried in the Marais Temps Clair conservation Area (MO).

+ The northern entrance to this place  is 36 and 29 miles from Chouteau Avenue 1400, St. Louis, Missouri, the official residence of Mccormick, and next to the northern entrance of Marais ... there is a house with the number 35 for some reason.

+ This is the meaning of the first line of note 1 (MRS = MaRaiS) and note 2 numbers:

35 GL= 35 HoMe
36 m = 36 miles
29 KE= 29 keep (miles)
74 SPRK= 1974 is quit rail (Missouri railroad event)
99.84. S 2u= 99.840 $ to you
651 mt= 651 meter (measure by steps)
1/2 munDPLSE= Half yours and the please.

+ Can anyone tell me if the house next to the conservation area has really the number 35?

Addenda et corrigenda (June 2012):  

I have found the house number 35 where I had calculated: 

 6035,Missouri 94,Portage Des Sioux,MO 63373 EEUU. Look:


 + And now, where we have 651 steps up to the curve and to find the hidden suitcase? Look:

Two crossings of roads, a curve and 651 steps from the northern entrance to Marais
 + This is my second choice if one step is equivalent to 76.02 ccentimeters. Is the pool area 9 of Marais ....and I continued looking for a hole, trench or Shed (like a pit of Birdwatching, perhaps).

ADDENDA---------------------JULY- 27- 2012----------------------------

+ It appears that McCormick worked at a gas station in 1601 Chouteau Avenue, owned by a family connected with the world of crime. 

+ At a gas station there are maps of the city, county and state of Missouri, this fact would explain how he could know the distance between St. Louis and Marais. See:

“Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?” By Christopher Tritto (published: June 14, 2012)

 + And also would explain errors. It is necessary to note that the search must be conducted according to the physical and temporal conditions of 1999 in Missouri.

 Addenda & Corrigenda 24 april 2013

Third attempt

Gary wrote:

 "I noted the address on the mailbox of that house across the street from the entrance and it isn't 6035,...it's 6211...you could probably see that for yourself using google maps when you position the street view there."

More info  here:

Another possibility;
+ There is another entrance to the park

+ If the southern entrance to the park is 35 miles from the residence of mccormick...... 

 look at the map: 
 Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area

5134 Island Road

St. Charles, MO 63301

.... and perhaps "35 GLE" is "35 6LE",  "35 HOME" or  "35 SAME (way to go)"

 This is a change from the starting point but the original idea remains.

The truth is outside of St. Louis.  Entrance?  
North or
southeast entrance?




martes, 2 de agosto de 2011


(Part one).

-----"The public treasury emptied by land and sea". This phrase was written by Nostradamus 500 years a go and if we can write the whole quatrain placing it in a specific space and time. Quatrain number 15 of the 2nd Century and is wrote:

C II - Q 15, Old French:
"Un peu devant monarque trucidé.
Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite:
L´erain public par terre et mer vuidé.
Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdite". 

C II - Q 15, Possible english version:

"Just before King killed.
Castor and Pollux in ship,comet.
The public treasury emptied by land and sea.
Pisa, Asti, Ferrara forbidden land".

-----Let is start at the beginning and sentence by sentence:

"Un peu devant monarque trucidé". 
"Just before King killed".

      ++King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was assassinated by one of his nephews the march 25, 1975, at a meeting of public policy. The murderer was considerer insane but was judged by regicide, and sentenced to death. He was beheaded in a public square in the capital Riyadh, a few months later, in June. The regicide motive was revenge, they say.

"Castor Pollux en nef, astre crinite".
"Castor & Pollux in ship, comet".

     ++This phrase is often associated with Popes Jhon Paul I and Jhon Paul II that took place on the throne of St. Peter, a fisher of men, immediately. The use of "ship" as symbol of the Church is very old but we can see developed in a historical film entitled "BECKETT" starring Peter O´Toole in the role of King, and Richard Burton in the role of friend king and Archbishop of Canterbury; and Castor and Pollux is an analogy based on Greek mithology.

 Becket Trailer:

-----Castor and Pollux were siblings from different fathers, Castor was mortal and the second, son of Jupiter, was immortal. Pollux was very fond of his brother. When Castor died in a fight Pollux begged his father back to life Castor but Jupiter could not do it and opted for a solution a little cruel: He consented that Castor as long as he lived on earth Pollux could dwell in the abode of the dead, thus alternately lived and died. Some years later, Jupiter moved by mutual love for each other, placed between the stars where under the name of the Twins are two constellations, one of which dissapears when one is born, so never found together on the horizon.

-----So we have King Faisal was murdered in 1975, shortly after John Paul I  died in 1978 and was immediately replaced by John Paul II who died in 2005, and in between something spectacular: A planetary collision, the comet SL-9 crashes into the planet Jupiter in July 1994.

-----The SL-9 is the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 fragments impact divided into Jupiter´s atmosfere in 1994. This unique event was very popular, many observatories conducted intensive observation campaigns that incluided the Hubble space observatory and the Galileo probe that obteined good images that the media broadcast. Even Robert Smith, a member of British band THE CURE wrote the song JUPITER CRASH, part of the group´s album WILD MOOD SWINGS.

"L´erain public par terre et mer vuidé".
"The public treasury emptied by land and sea".

      ++"L´Erain" is the treasury of a city, province or state; or also all assets, income and taxes it collects a local, provincial or state. The words ofthe quatrain indicates excessive and irresponsible spending of state assets, like what happends today in Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, U.S. and others required, or spends less and collect more detrimental to its citizens cheated by their leaders. The only one who is in a jail is one such Madoff, private con, man who gets beaten from time to time and has lost one of this sons, an employee, who has commited suicide recently.

"Pise, Ast, Ferrare, Turin terre interdite". 
"Pisa, Asti, Ferrara, Turin forbidden land".

 ++I do know when or how Pisa, Asti, Ferrara and Turin are convicted, their fate is tragic for natural, industrial or political catastrophe (war o revolution) and will shortly. Prepare your business and go away from these cities, areas or Italy.

-----And that there are far worse quatrains with references to Italy and the quatrain number 65 of Century X which reads;

C X - Q 65, Old French.

"O vaste Rome ta ruine s´approche
Non de tes murs de ton sang et substance:
L´aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche.
Fer pointu mis à tous jusqu´au manche".

CX - Q 65, English Version:
"O vast Rome thy ruin approaches.
Not your walls but rather of your blood.
The rough of letters will make a horrible mark.
He will get pointed iron to the hilt".

note: "cocher" is a transitive verb, principal translation "put or make a mark". In US use "to Check" and in UK use  "to Tick"(from wordreference.com). 

-----It is not "The Sack of Rome" 
.... is a lot worse and this could have prevented but nobody did

Addenda november 17, 2012,
Or not:
 A swiss central banker to see euro crisis like Nostradamus?




Common sources:

Google Translate





-Addenda et corrigenda- February 2012.

+ The Sack of Rome happened in May / 6 - 9 / 1527.

+Nostradamus published his Centuries and Prophecies in:
-- 1555, in Lyon, by Macé Bonhomme
-- 1557-8, in Lyon, by Antoine du Rosne.
-- 1560, in Paris, by Barbe Régnault..... etc.

+Nostradamus died in july 1, 1566.

For more Information:
http://www.skepdic.com/nostrada.html http://www.myetymology.com/encyclopedia/Nostradamus.html


-Begins the trial of former Prime Minister of Iceland by the economic ruin of their country.

The former Prime Minister of Iceland is found innocent ..... naturally. 
+ It seems that nobody is guilty (but Leman Brothers and Maddof). 
September 2012
 Mr. Romney said that back in May at a fundraiser in Florida
November 2012: Another suicide related to the Madoff case

 Where is the money?


jueves, 30 de junio de 2011


      THE CONCLUSION: (in progress)


+ My work is one based on Edgard Allan Poe´s short story "The Gold Bug". I advise to read the story. The problems above and explains POE are: 

-The letter "E"
-The handwritten text, 
-Such as looking up "The bishop´s hotel"
-And the error of "Jupiter".

So read the short story.


+ Mccormick hid in the Marais Temps Clair Consevation Area (ST. Charles County, Missouri), at a distance of about 36 or 29 miles it travels to the west or east to get there from somewhere in St. Louis (MO), a suitcase with $ 99.840 and more (I suppose hid any evidence related to the unsolved murder of someone named "thorn") in a pit observation is after a loop and an intersectionin a area between Pool 6, Pool 7 and pool 10, and near a house number 35. (i prefer look pool 6). Look:

 + http://extra.mdc.mo.gov/documents/area_brochures/7902map.pdf

-----The number 74 links the Conservation Area with the railroad that delimits. (Note: On March 13, 1974, Amtrak restored passanger train service over segments of Missouri Pacific-Texas and Pacific´s original "texas Eagle" route between St. Louis, Littie Rock, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and laredo. Source Wikipedia.). It is a clue that can get there by train.

 "Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and end up doing the impossible"--St. Francis of Assisi. 


01---The FBI says that writting this way since his chilhood, so we have a children´s game modified by experience that gives the time.
---The FBI says that Mccormick did not trust either his mother, family and friends about his code and decode.
---The murderers also make spelling errors when writting encrypted text (remember the Zodiac killer).
More Read:

ADDENDA January 21, 2013

 02---  My personal reasons:
My favorite TV shows are "Kung Fu" and "I, Claudius"

+ Claudio was a member of the Roman imperial family and he was regarded worldwide as an incompetent idiot but he became emperor of Rome.

As all the political posturing, murder, blackmail, and debauchery continued to unfold around him over the years, Claudius sat back and watched, listened, and, above all, learned. Outwardly he was the most unlikely candidate for emperor of Rome. Not only had polio left him with one leg shorter than the other, but he also suffered from a nervous neck twitch as well as a life-long speech impediment, all of which earned him the nickname, “Claudius the Stammerer” and “Clou-Clou Claudius.”
More Read:

+ Kung Fu, because .....

In both cases, history shows that you must not look down on anyone for reasons of race, religion, sex, disease or wealth.

+ It seems that everyone thinks that Ricky McCormick was a black drug addict idiot and I do not think so.


+ A well-educated person puts his name at the end or begginning of a letter. 

+ Do you want to look for the signature of Mccormick which usually becomes the firm?


+---Basic: Same letter o sign, same meaning...

I See the last line of the 2nd note written this way:

 "O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX" and means that "OWN FOR I AM MCCORMICK"

You can see WHAT repeats?

      L= M and X= a combination of letter C (MC, C and CK).


+---Remember " The silent of the lambs" and the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Look his book titled "The Meditations":

Hannibal Lecter: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?
Clarice Starling: He kills women...
Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing?
Clarice Starling: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir...
Hannibal Lecter: No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.
Clarice Starling: No. We just...
Hannibal Lecter: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? And don't your eyes seek out the things you want?

+It is the museum scene: The last meeting between Hannibal and Clarice, face to face. 

+MEDITATIONS Chapter ok book VIII and number 2.
+MEDITATIONS Chapter or book XI and number 17

AN EXAMPLE (addenda: January 17, 2013)

Everything has a reason for being, everything has a reason. 
 I mean to do the right question at the right time. Like this:

McCormick was the notes in the pockets of his pants, not out:

There are three possibilities.
1 - thief: he empties his pockets
2 - Murderer. He empties his pockets and removed evidence (destroying notes)
3 - Sudden unexpected death: The witness of his death gets rid of the corpse and not worry about anything else

And a place:
The body is left ​​very close to the road, unburied and easy to to the naked eye

What is the simplest answer? Look at the map.



+--Who signature acknowledges a debt or claims a right. It is a declaration of something.
 ---Is it strange that a man sick of the heart and lungs died suddenly appear? 
 ---Is it strange that a man sick of the heart and lungs write his will?


+---As POE wrote in "The gold bug"  when you find a word are also the begginig and the end of another word, etc....

+ Looking for more usual verbs in the English lenguage: 
To Be, to come, to see ......

 What are the most common verbs in a will?

More read:

+The vowel are optional because only consonants are needed to determine a word.  
+ The vowel serves to avoid confusion between similar words:

+MRE = more
+TF = thief
+NM = enemy

+BE = been
+B = be


+ Looking for more usual words in the English Language: The, it, is.....

More read: 


+ The numbers used to measure the space, time and establish an order:
 71, 74, 75, 94 is a linear and progressive series of numbers....Is a LIFE or a destination in somewhere.

--The numbers are a drawing, a series of letters and sounds too. Look :

2= 2, To, or Too; 
8= 8,eight, eit, ei, A;
S or 6= 6, siks, Z, Zii(US) or Zed (UK), Ze,se , Sy or Zy
4= 4, Four or For.....It is a children´s game.

+---When i figured that "94" was the date of his release from prison, i imagine that note 1 was the short story of his life:

+Then i remember Confucius. He explained it so concisely his life, like this: 

+---"At the age of 15, my mind was occupied in the search for truth through the study; at 30 years, i had found solid and inmutable principles; at the 40 years, i had already overcome all doubts and hesitasions; at 50 years, i knew the Law that the Heaven printed on all living beings to be directed to their end; at 60 years, i easily knew the cause of all the actions; at 70 years, i met the desires of my heart in perspective".


+ --- Mccormick did the same in the 2nd middle of note one.... and reveals that there is the insolved murder of someone named or nicknamed "THORN" (line 12, note one). 

Note 1, line 12, sign 4: It is THORN?

Evolution letter THORN
ADDENDA January 22, 2013

+This sign can represent the name of someone who had been killed, but who was?. .... and this was really the sign THORN?

Until I read the story of Christopher Tritto in River Front Times:

Yes, there was an unsolved murder related to the workplace of Ricky Mccormick (Amoco gas station):

" Later the same month, while working at the family's Amoco station, Baha Hamdallah was arrested again, this time on a felony charge of second-degree assault, for allegedly beating a man named Elroe Carr with a rusty hammer. Baha allegedly threatened to kill Carr, described by family and acquaintances as a sometimes-homeless drug addict, if he didn't get off the property. Baha told police, "I just figured I'd take care of this myself," according to the incident report.

On August 7, 1998, two weeks before Carr's case against Baha Hamdallah was slated to go to court, Carr was gunned down just blocks from the Amoco station on a residential street in the neighboring housing project. The pending assault charges against Baha died that night with Carr.

Carr's murder remains unsolved, and police made no arrests. But confidential informants told police Carr was killed "at the behest of Baha Hamdallah," according to St. Louis police reports obtained through a public-records request. "

 + And then I think that he could have written the name "ELROE CARR" (murdered) or "BAHA HAMDALLAH" (murderer) using geometric shorthand signs like as I call "X1" (awful).  Like this:

The Lord's Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century shorthand systems.
Read More:


+The FBI says that writting this way since his childhood so we have a children´s game modified by esperience that gives the time. 

+ It is a children´s game. literally.

+---He can read and write but also we must considerer the language of the street (slang): http://www.internetslang.com/

+---A private code need private information for decode. 
   Look CSI: Las Vegas, season 2, Ep. 23 (46), "The hunger artist".


+ A word can be written of several forms and to will. It is an imperfect and personal application of their knowledge.
+---This is not a professional encryptation. Family and friends are not experts in stenography or shorthand, so it is easy to deceive.


+English shorthand private system.

+Look "Criminal Minds", season one, Episode 17, "A real rain", to understand the peoblematic characteristics of the shorthand / stenographic system.

+ More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography.


ADDENDA   January 18, 2013. 
 The FBI says that the notes were written by the same person. Then....

1-The note one looks good.
2-The note two has a bad look, looks dirty and messy.

Why does the note two is different if they were written by the same person?

1-The note one is a finished work.
2-The notetwo is a work in progress, and this means:

a. The author has not been able to get to a safe place and to finish his work.
b. The author has done a dirty hand work before writing his note.
c. The note 2 may have  more errors because it is an unfinished work

So why he did not reach a safe place or home?.


-+-English alphabet unchanged.---------------------------- A= A
-+-English alphabet amended by Code Caesar B or +1. --- A= B
-+-English phonetics. ----------------------------------------A="ei"/ 4="for"
-+--English language used in the U. S.

-+--Old English: Letter "thorn"...... but now I think McCormick wrote a  name  "ELROE CARR" or "BAHA HAMDALLAH" using geometric shorthand (More explanation in number 10).

-+--Greek letter: EPSILON

Epsilon = y, sound "lli" or "ji". 


... and short form solution E-epsilon = ep.


 -+--The hyphen join the letters in a word.
-+--Finally, the solution of a stenographic text needs to add vowels and words that have been deleted because it is these unnecessary letters in the transcript of a speech. XORLX = MCCORM(i)CK

-+--Symbols and signs:
Cross = +


"M+m" = double m.
"A+M" and "L+U"= A mail you(rs).
"S+O"= so.

-+---"n" Graphic variations:
n = and
ñ = in
n ="ind" or "int".
on = on

-+---Sign of geometric shorthand:
"x1" = awful
L"x1"= Lawful.

. = . 
. = 0 according to their position in the series of numbers.
---(example=  99.84. S = 99.840 $)---


To be continue

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DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.