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jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011


---Ricky Mccormick´s THE TREASURE MAP 

--------------------- (Working in progress) ---------------------------

+ The POE´s last problem: The Jupiter´s mistake

----"Begin at the beggining and end when you reach the end then you stop, of course."

Lewis Carroll (1832 -1898). English writer.

There is a map error, the error of Jupiter. Do you can see?
Exactly, 651 steps is a much shorter distance
Let us get started.
(thanks to Gary Williams from Missouri -June 2012-).
Bye from Spain

Addenda et corrigenda (January 2012)

+Some people think it is a wet ground, but if you look on the official map, i guess the bag is buried in the central zone that has a little dry area (pool 6, north):                                                                    

Addenda et corrigenda (april 29, 2012)


+The photo is a treasure map.

+ Mccormick´s stenographyc  notes tell us how we can find 99.840 dollars and more hidden in a suitcase buried in the Marais Temps Clair conservation Area (MO).

+ The northern entrance to this place  is 36 and 29 miles from Chouteau Avenue 1400, St. Louis, Missouri, the official residence of Mccormick, and next to the northern entrance of Marais ... there is a house with the number 35 for some reason.

+ This is the meaning of the first line of note 1 (MRS = MaRaiS) and note 2 numbers:

35 GL= 35 HoMe
36 m = 36 miles
29 KE= 29 keep (miles)
74 SPRK= 1974 is quit rail (Missouri railroad event)
99.84. S 2u= 99.840 $ to you
651 mt= 651 meter (measure by steps)
1/2 munDPLSE= Half yours and the please.

+ Can anyone tell me if the house next to the conservation area has really the number 35?

Addenda et corrigenda (June 2012):  

I have found the house number 35 where I had calculated: 

 6035,Missouri 94,Portage Des Sioux,MO 63373 EEUU. Look:


 + And now, where we have 651 steps up to the curve and to find the hidden suitcase? Look:

Two crossings of roads, a curve and 651 steps from the northern entrance to Marais
 + This is my second choice if one step is equivalent to 76.02 ccentimeters. Is the pool area 9 of Marais ....and I continued looking for a hole, trench or Shed (like a pit of Birdwatching, perhaps).

ADDENDA---------------------JULY- 27- 2012----------------------------

+ It appears that McCormick worked at a gas station in 1601 Chouteau Avenue, owned by a family connected with the world of crime. 

+ At a gas station there are maps of the city, county and state of Missouri, this fact would explain how he could know the distance between St. Louis and Marais. See:

“Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?” By Christopher Tritto (published: June 14, 2012)

 + And also would explain errors. It is necessary to note that the search must be conducted according to the physical and temporal conditions of 1999 in Missouri.

 Addenda & Corrigenda 24 april 2013

Third attempt

Gary wrote:

 "I noted the address on the mailbox of that house across the street from the entrance and it isn't 6035,...it's 6211...you could probably see that for yourself using google maps when you position the street view there."

More info  here:

Another possibility;
+ There is another entrance to the park

+ If the southern entrance to the park is 35 miles from the residence of mccormick...... 

 look at the map: 
 Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area

5134 Island Road

St. Charles, MO 63301

.... and perhaps "35 GLE" is "35 6LE",  "35 HOME" or  "35 SAME (way to go)"

 This is a change from the starting point but the original idea remains.

The truth is outside of St. Louis.  Entrance?  
North or
southeast entrance?




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