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sábado, 18 de febrero de 2012

WAR 01 - NOSTRADAMUS, THE U.S. AND IRAN (formerly Persia) ....AND FRANCE TOO!!

The map of the Persian Empire that Alexander the Great conquered : SEEKS and FINDS CARMANIA

 Is the world´s destinity is decided in Carmania?

+++The international political situation highlights a particular place in the world: THE STRAITS OF HORMUZ.... and i remembered 2 quatrains of Nostradamus related to that part of the planet earth, Iran (formerly Persia) for two words: CARMANIA and HYRCANIA.

Sassanid Persian Empire map: SEEKS and FINDS CARMANIA and HYRCANIA
---If you can locate its historic locations on a map you can see the great problem of the interpretation of those quatrains of Nostradamus: C-X, Q-31 and C-III, Q-90.

For more information:

The first quatrain is the following:

Century X - Quatrain 31

Le sainct Empire viendra en Germanie
Ismaelites truveront lieux ouverts
Anes voudront aussi la Carmanie
Les soustenans de terre tous couverts.

English version:

The Holy Empire will come into Germany
The Ishmaelites will find open places
The asses will want also Carmania
The supporters all covered by earth

 ---If you remember it was the Holy Roman Empire, Ishmael is the biblical father of the Arabs or Muslims, the donkey or ass is the symbol of U.S. Democratic Party, and where is Carmania ... is easy to assume what does the quatrain.

+The other quatrain is the following:

Century III - Quatrain 90

Le gran Satire et Tigre d´Hyrcania
Don presente a ceux de l´Occean
Un chef de classe istra de Carmanie
Qui prendra terre au Tyrren Phocean.

English version:

The great Satyr an Tiger of Hyrcania
Gift presented to those of the Occean
A fleet´s (or Army´s) chief will set out from Carmania
One who will take land to the tyrren Phocean

 ---If you know where are Carmania and Hyrcania,"Occean" you know that means NATO, the appearance of an old Satyr, the problem by a gift (trojan horse or the golden apple) and where is the Tyrrhenian Phocaea (Marseille, France, was founded by greek colonists from Phocaea in 600 BC.).. is easy to assume what does the quatrain.


+I think Nostradamus refers to the capital and provinces of Iran (Tehran) by mentioning Hyrcania and Carmania because:

---1) CARMANIA has the north coast of the Strait of Hormuz, was a Satrapy of the Persian an Seleucid Empires in the southern Persian Gulf (it is the provinces of Hormozgand and Kerman - Iran-).

---2) HYRCANIA  is between the Caspian Sea (to the old greeks the Caspian Sea was the "Hyrcanian Sea") and the Alborz Mountains (also  Elbourz or Alburz) to the south and southeast. TEHRAN is with the towering Alborz Mountains to its north and the central desert to the south.

....and what happens to the U.S. Fifth Fleet and his Arabs allies? 
Look Century III and quatrain 23:

Century III - Quatrain 23

Si France passe autre mer Lygustique.
Tu te verras en isles et mers enclos:
Mahommet contraire, plus mer Hadriatique.
Chevaux et Asnes tu rongeras les os. 

English Version:

If France you pass beyond the Ligurian sea.
You will see yourself shut up in islands and seas:
Mohamet contrary more so the Adriatic sea.
You  will gnaw the bones of horses and asses.
Note: "horse" is the symbol of the Arab people or Beduin because it is their favorite animal. 
Look: http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_horse

Note: "asses", ass or donkey is the symbol of the US Democratic Party. He represents the USA and its government.


My Opinion:

-When Germany will turn lead the European Union (Holy Roman Empire)
-The muslims reach their goals effortlessly (arab spring)
-U.S.A also will want to control Iran (Strait of Hormuz area)
-Those who support this will be defeated (Gallipoli / Dardanelles - WWI Scenario - again).

-The Bloodthirsty leaders of Iran 
-A "gift" will give the members of NATO
-A great military leader of Iran (Hormuz hero) and his army
-He will land his invading troops near Marseille (France).

-If France is envolved in the war will be defeated at sea, beyond its shores only awaits the danger. 
-Muslims will be his enemy after defeating the United States and pro-Western Arab governments.

+I speak of Gallipoli battle (1915) because it is the only scenario in which Iranian troops can win the American armies.

- Look in books about World War One, then they fought to control the Dardanelles Straits.
from Osprey Publishing Ltd.

-Also there is a film by Peter Weir:

The movie of Mel Gibson.



+In 1915 they failed by sea & land:


And... Why do i have fear?

..... because i am Spanish and i live in Barcelona. Read the following quatrain 55 from V Century:

Century V - Quatrain 55

De la Felice  Arabie contrade.
Naistra puissant de la loy Mahométique.
Vexer l´Espagne conquester la Grenade.
Et plus par mer à la gent Ligustique.

English Version:

From the fortunate region of Arabia (Happy Arabia or Arabia Felix) .
Will be born one powerful in the laws of Mahomet .
To vex Spain to conquer Granada (Note: City in Spain). 
And also by sea to conquer the people of Liguria. 


"felice Arabie" is the southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula (the modern YEMEN and little more) for the romans, look Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, Springfield: Massachussets, 1972, página 63.

The term "Happy Arabia" is a translation of the Latin "Arabia felix." Felix means "happy, fortunate, blessed."

Liguria is a historical territory divided between France and Italy (the coast from Marseille to Genoa). 


.... and also read the Century III and Quatrain 88:

Century III - Quatrain 88

De Barcelonne par mer si grande armée.
Tout Marseille de frayeur tremblera.
Isles saisies, de mer ayde fermée.
Ton traditeur en terre nagera. 

English Version:

From Barcelona a very great army by sea.
All Marseille will tremble with terror.
Isles seized help shut off by sea.
Your traitor will swin on land.  

The future of Barcelona?

+It is a problem of geography, Greco-Latin culture, and military strategy expressed in the language of sixteenth-century French.

... and there are many more things and worst about Marseille and Barcelona.

... and Obama returns to Jerusalem (from Jeane Dixon´s dream).

ADDENDA january 1, 2013

+ Cold War between Iran, Israel heating up (FOX NEWS dec. 31, 2912)

To be continued:
2nd part

3rd part
4th part  



DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.