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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011


            THE KEY  OR  SIGNATURE.

           In  my humble opinion based on Edgar Allan Poe´s short story "The Gold Bug", first we must look for the signature where habitually someone puts the signature.

 ---Note the last word of the last line of the second note:

++ Can you see which letter are repeated, and where? 
++ Can you remember HAL 9000 the Arthur C. Clarke´s joke?
(  HAL 9000 = IBM ..... by Caesar code B or +1)

           "XORLX", a letter repeats itself.
          Remember "McCormick", a letter repeats itself.

          If "X"= Mc, C and cK 
          If O= O and R= R
          If  L= M because he uses the code Caesar b or +1.

          "XORLX" is equal to "McCormick".

         The McCormick notes must be encrypted and shorted but if these notes were written for himself.... on having put his name these notes are actually a note of suicide, a testament or last will.

          If we apply this knowledge to the last line of the 2nd note this it must mean:

          "O-W-m-4  H8L    XORLX"  is  "OWN-for   I aM   MCCORM(i)CK"  because:
          1) O-W, R = OW, R, letters equals and the hyphen serves to join the letters in a word.
          2) -m =  N ,substitution Code Caesar +1, and the hyphen join the letters
          3) -4 = four= FOR (phonetic solution like SMS language & the hyphen serves to join at the word too).
          4) H = I, change by Code Caesar b or +1.
          5) 8 = EIGHT= eit (phonetic solution) = ei (phonetic solution) = letter "a"(graphic representation).
          6) L = M,  another Code Caesar b or +1
          7) Addition vowel (i) as usual shorthand transcription

          It is the key: 
          +English alphabet.
          +Alphabet phonetic English.
          +Code Caesar B or +1 combined in a private system of stenography.
          +Private  shorthand or Stenogaphic system.
End chapter one.
Bye from Spain.


+ ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA. (April 18.2012)

---If you think that "4" is not "4" but "Y"
---If you think "8" is not "8" but "I" .... then the solution is this:

"O-W-m-Y  HIL  XORLX"  transcript is  "OWN-WHY I AM MCCORMICK"  

.... because 
"Y"= wai (phonetic solution) =similar sound to "WHY" or "WAY"
"I" = ai (phonetic solution) = represents letter A

 + ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA. (january 2012)

--A) I must add one curious fact to explain how i discovered the MCCORMICK signature in a few seconds (april 2011):

+1) My city, Barcelona (spain) has two official languages: Castilian (spanish) and Catalan.

+2) "XORLX" is the last group of words (end 2nd note)

+3) The phonetic transcription of the letter "X" is:
--------English: X= "eks".
--------Castilian (spanish): X= "equis".
--------Catalan: X= "ics" or "xeix".

+ ... And this is evident how all was discovered. Is a phonetic game, like this:

XORLX ="ics"ORL"ics" (X phonetic catalan)="C"ORL"iCs"= CORMIC´s= MCCORMICK´s.

.......Only you need to explain the "L" = "M" as a Caesar code, assume that "X" is a shorthand solution for C, MC and CK and vowels are removed except when are necessary to distinguish one word from another (vowels are implicit, like as in the stenographyc writing).

---B) Something about CAESAR CIPHER:


a gift from the BBC and SH.


LAST CHANGE May 17, 2015

Last line of note 2 is something like this:
"O-W-m-Y  H8L  XORLX" = "Owny  i am Mcorm(i)Ck"

The explanation is like this letter by letter

O = O
W = W
m = N + He used the Cesar's code . one move in the alphabet (after the "m", "n")
Y = Y

+ And the hyphen joins letters creating a word.

H = I + Again the use of Cesar´s code explained above
8 = A + Because in English "8" sounds like "
eight /ˈt/"and is similar to the sound of the vowel "A" = " /ˈ/". The numbers can be used as words or syllable by their similar sound (4 = for, 2 = to, too, 3 = tree  ... etc)
L = M +  Cesar´s code again.

The word "owny" can be found on the Internet Collins English Dictionary: "owny-o or ownsome" http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/owny-o



Good Bye.

 ( addenda et corrigenda, may 2012)


DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.