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jueves, 30 de junio de 2011


      THE CONCLUSION: (in progress)


+ My work is one based on Edgard Allan Poe´s short story "The Gold Bug". I advise to read the story. The problems above and explains POE are: 

-The letter "E"
-The handwritten text, 
-Such as looking up "The bishop´s hotel"
-And the error of "Jupiter".

So read the short story.


+ Mccormick hid in the Marais Temps Clair Consevation Area (ST. Charles County, Missouri), at a distance of about 36 or 29 miles it travels to the west or east to get there from somewhere in St. Louis (MO), a suitcase with $ 99.840 and more (I suppose hid any evidence related to the unsolved murder of someone named "thorn") in a pit observation is after a loop and an intersectionin a area between Pool 6, Pool 7 and pool 10, and near a house number 35. (i prefer look pool 6). Look:

 + http://extra.mdc.mo.gov/documents/area_brochures/7902map.pdf

-----The number 74 links the Conservation Area with the railroad that delimits. (Note: On March 13, 1974, Amtrak restored passanger train service over segments of Missouri Pacific-Texas and Pacific´s original "texas Eagle" route between St. Louis, Littie Rock, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and laredo. Source Wikipedia.). It is a clue that can get there by train.

 "Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible and end up doing the impossible"--St. Francis of Assisi. 


01---The FBI says that writting this way since his chilhood, so we have a children´s game modified by experience that gives the time.
---The FBI says that Mccormick did not trust either his mother, family and friends about his code and decode.
---The murderers also make spelling errors when writting encrypted text (remember the Zodiac killer).
More Read:

ADDENDA January 21, 2013

 02---  My personal reasons:
My favorite TV shows are "Kung Fu" and "I, Claudius"

+ Claudio was a member of the Roman imperial family and he was regarded worldwide as an incompetent idiot but he became emperor of Rome.

As all the political posturing, murder, blackmail, and debauchery continued to unfold around him over the years, Claudius sat back and watched, listened, and, above all, learned. Outwardly he was the most unlikely candidate for emperor of Rome. Not only had polio left him with one leg shorter than the other, but he also suffered from a nervous neck twitch as well as a life-long speech impediment, all of which earned him the nickname, “Claudius the Stammerer” and “Clou-Clou Claudius.”
More Read:

+ Kung Fu, because .....

In both cases, history shows that you must not look down on anyone for reasons of race, religion, sex, disease or wealth.

+ It seems that everyone thinks that Ricky McCormick was a black drug addict idiot and I do not think so.


+ A well-educated person puts his name at the end or begginning of a letter. 

+ Do you want to look for the signature of Mccormick which usually becomes the firm?


+---Basic: Same letter o sign, same meaning...

I See the last line of the 2nd note written this way:

 "O-W-m-4 H8L XORLX" and means that "OWN FOR I AM MCCORMICK"

You can see WHAT repeats?

      L= M and X= a combination of letter C (MC, C and CK).


+---Remember " The silent of the lambs" and the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Look his book titled "The Meditations":

Hannibal Lecter: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?
Clarice Starling: He kills women...
Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing?
Clarice Starling: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir...
Hannibal Lecter: No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.
Clarice Starling: No. We just...
Hannibal Lecter: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? And don't your eyes seek out the things you want?

+It is the museum scene: The last meeting between Hannibal and Clarice, face to face. 

+MEDITATIONS Chapter ok book VIII and number 2.
+MEDITATIONS Chapter or book XI and number 17

AN EXAMPLE (addenda: January 17, 2013)

Everything has a reason for being, everything has a reason. 
 I mean to do the right question at the right time. Like this:

McCormick was the notes in the pockets of his pants, not out:

There are three possibilities.
1 - thief: he empties his pockets
2 - Murderer. He empties his pockets and removed evidence (destroying notes)
3 - Sudden unexpected death: The witness of his death gets rid of the corpse and not worry about anything else

And a place:
The body is left ​​very close to the road, unburied and easy to to the naked eye

What is the simplest answer? Look at the map.



+--Who signature acknowledges a debt or claims a right. It is a declaration of something.
 ---Is it strange that a man sick of the heart and lungs died suddenly appear? 
 ---Is it strange that a man sick of the heart and lungs write his will?


+---As POE wrote in "The gold bug"  when you find a word are also the begginig and the end of another word, etc....

+ Looking for more usual verbs in the English lenguage: 
To Be, to come, to see ......

 What are the most common verbs in a will?

More read:

+The vowel are optional because only consonants are needed to determine a word.  
+ The vowel serves to avoid confusion between similar words:

+MRE = more
+TF = thief
+NM = enemy

+BE = been
+B = be


+ Looking for more usual words in the English Language: The, it, is.....

More read: 


+ The numbers used to measure the space, time and establish an order:
 71, 74, 75, 94 is a linear and progressive series of numbers....Is a LIFE or a destination in somewhere.

--The numbers are a drawing, a series of letters and sounds too. Look :

2= 2, To, or Too; 
8= 8,eight, eit, ei, A;
S or 6= 6, siks, Z, Zii(US) or Zed (UK), Ze,se , Sy or Zy
4= 4, Four or For.....It is a children´s game.

+---When i figured that "94" was the date of his release from prison, i imagine that note 1 was the short story of his life:

+Then i remember Confucius. He explained it so concisely his life, like this: 

+---"At the age of 15, my mind was occupied in the search for truth through the study; at 30 years, i had found solid and inmutable principles; at the 40 years, i had already overcome all doubts and hesitasions; at 50 years, i knew the Law that the Heaven printed on all living beings to be directed to their end; at 60 years, i easily knew the cause of all the actions; at 70 years, i met the desires of my heart in perspective".


+ --- Mccormick did the same in the 2nd middle of note one.... and reveals that there is the insolved murder of someone named or nicknamed "THORN" (line 12, note one). 

Note 1, line 12, sign 4: It is THORN?

Evolution letter THORN
ADDENDA January 22, 2013

+This sign can represent the name of someone who had been killed, but who was?. .... and this was really the sign THORN?

Until I read the story of Christopher Tritto in River Front Times:

Yes, there was an unsolved murder related to the workplace of Ricky Mccormick (Amoco gas station):

" Later the same month, while working at the family's Amoco station, Baha Hamdallah was arrested again, this time on a felony charge of second-degree assault, for allegedly beating a man named Elroe Carr with a rusty hammer. Baha allegedly threatened to kill Carr, described by family and acquaintances as a sometimes-homeless drug addict, if he didn't get off the property. Baha told police, "I just figured I'd take care of this myself," according to the incident report.

On August 7, 1998, two weeks before Carr's case against Baha Hamdallah was slated to go to court, Carr was gunned down just blocks from the Amoco station on a residential street in the neighboring housing project. The pending assault charges against Baha died that night with Carr.

Carr's murder remains unsolved, and police made no arrests. But confidential informants told police Carr was killed "at the behest of Baha Hamdallah," according to St. Louis police reports obtained through a public-records request. "

 + And then I think that he could have written the name "ELROE CARR" (murdered) or "BAHA HAMDALLAH" (murderer) using geometric shorthand signs like as I call "X1" (awful).  Like this:

The Lord's Prayer in Gregg and a variety of 19th-century shorthand systems.
Read More:


+The FBI says that writting this way since his childhood so we have a children´s game modified by esperience that gives the time. 

+ It is a children´s game. literally.

+---He can read and write but also we must considerer the language of the street (slang): http://www.internetslang.com/

+---A private code need private information for decode. 
   Look CSI: Las Vegas, season 2, Ep. 23 (46), "The hunger artist".


+ A word can be written of several forms and to will. It is an imperfect and personal application of their knowledge.
+---This is not a professional encryptation. Family and friends are not experts in stenography or shorthand, so it is easy to deceive.


+English shorthand private system.

+Look "Criminal Minds", season one, Episode 17, "A real rain", to understand the peoblematic characteristics of the shorthand / stenographic system.

+ More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography.


ADDENDA   January 18, 2013. 
 The FBI says that the notes were written by the same person. Then....

1-The note one looks good.
2-The note two has a bad look, looks dirty and messy.

Why does the note two is different if they were written by the same person?

1-The note one is a finished work.
2-The notetwo is a work in progress, and this means:

a. The author has not been able to get to a safe place and to finish his work.
b. The author has done a dirty hand work before writing his note.
c. The note 2 may have  more errors because it is an unfinished work

So why he did not reach a safe place or home?.


-+-English alphabet unchanged.---------------------------- A= A
-+-English alphabet amended by Code Caesar B or +1. --- A= B
-+-English phonetics. ----------------------------------------A="ei"/ 4="for"
-+--English language used in the U. S.

-+--Old English: Letter "thorn"...... but now I think McCormick wrote a  name  "ELROE CARR" or "BAHA HAMDALLAH" using geometric shorthand (More explanation in number 10).

-+--Greek letter: EPSILON

Epsilon = y, sound "lli" or "ji". 


... and short form solution E-epsilon = ep.


 -+--The hyphen join the letters in a word.
-+--Finally, the solution of a stenographic text needs to add vowels and words that have been deleted because it is these unnecessary letters in the transcript of a speech. XORLX = MCCORM(i)CK

-+--Symbols and signs:
Cross = +


"M+m" = double m.
"A+M" and "L+U"= A mail you(rs).
"S+O"= so.

-+---"n" Graphic variations:
n = and
ñ = in
n ="ind" or "int".
on = on

-+---Sign of geometric shorthand:
"x1" = awful
L"x1"= Lawful.

. = . 
. = 0 according to their position in the series of numbers.
---(example=  99.84. S = 99.840 $)---


To be continue

And I also hope Obama visit Jerusalem again at Easter.

Good bye from Spain.


Addenda et corrigenda: January 2012. 
Addenda et corrigenda: April 2012. 
Addenda et corrigenda: June 2012 
Addenda et corrigenda; January 2013 

jueves, 9 de junio de 2011


              DECODE  (working in progress).

     My interpretation of the code FBI Mccormick.
( Edgar Allan Poe´s old style and before the president Obama returns to Jerusalem).

In my humble opinion: 

A+ The plaintext not exist.

B+ The original text is shorthand with deception measures.

C+ Can only be trasladed into English letters, words and, finally, make an imaginative subsequent transcription in correct English language.

---The stenographer must reconstruct the speech and that can only be done by the stenographer original (Mccormick).
(See "Criminal Minds", Season 1, episode 17 "a real rain".)

D+ The interpretation requires two phases:
1- Analyse the shorthand text.
    (To detect possible English words)

2- Performs an imaginative transcripcion.
    (To write possible phrases in correct language)

Working assumptions:

-a?= Sign or letter is doubtful.
-¿?= No idea what was written.
-Wing?= word is doubtful.
-(rs) = complement or alternative.

-The hypen join the letters in a word. -The numbers are a drawing , a series of letters and sounds too; and the numbers used to measure the space, time and establish an order.- To transcribe the shorthand text you should realize that you play with 4 decks (normal, Phonetic, Caesar cipher B or +1, and shorthand sign) at once and capriciously.

 It is a children´s game. 

-Stenography is the art or process of writing in shorthand. A method used for writing down the words that someone says very quickly by using a special type of writing (called shorthand) and subsequent transcription.

-The shorthand method is varied and those who use it end up turning it into something personal and non-transferable. Thus it becomes unexpectedly in an occultation system when removes all unnecessary letters and words using all kinds of signs and disobeying grammatical norms.

---------------------------------------------- ----------------
--------------------Addenda March 1, 2013.----------------

   Triple example of Shorthand 
(Many forms of shorthand exist)   
Written on FOX News, February 28, 2013.
+First            FMR  =  For Me R  =  former 

The vowels have disappeared as I guess that makes Mccormick,

Another possible substitution of letters could be: 

   4MR, 4ME, FME, FRMR ..... if you use a phonetic substitution or not.

+Second       MAJ. GEN. = major general (Abbreviation)
An abbreviation is a shortened spelling convention that writing a term or expression.

+Third          POW =  Prisoner Of War   (Acronym)
 An acronym is the result of a process of creating a word from each grapheme (letter) initial principal terms of a complex expression.


      Transcript 1st. Note: 
The life of Mccormick and MARAIS action plan.

CHANGE   PRSE = Praise,   NOW PRSE = Parse (24, september, 2013)


01_ (mnD mk nE (m+M) RSE-n-S-m-K n A 8 E)_______ (ALS mN).
-(Monday make andm Marais insi(g)ni(fi)cant near either)__ (all is mine).
-2 option line 1: (Monday making in Marais insignificant near sighted)

02_ TFR nE n Pln SE n P hSE R  cB R n SE n PRSE l n c.
-Thief are need and plan see and quit either  are  ´d be are and see and parse in  do.

03_ PRSE  n m8SE P?PRE HLD WLD n cBE (TFXL F TcXL n cBE).
-Parse and mate see peep are i hold would and had been  (thief come if tick come and had been).
04_ A L-P R P PI T XL Y PPIY n cBE m G?K SE WLD R cB R n S E PRSE.
-A loop  are quit pit come way peep away and had been me gawk see would are  ´d be are and see parse.

05_ WLD R  cBR n SE n To?6nE "ñ"TX S E-C RSL E-C L?T RSE WLD n cBE.
-would are  would be are and see and to zip and i in tax is ease (y) resume ease(y) late raise i would and had been.
06_ AL  WLD n cBE TS mE  L"x1"SE RLSE  n R C-LS n-E  AS n WLD n cBE.
-all would and had been this me lawful release and are call is need  as and would not had been.
07_ (no P FSE n L S RE n cBE)   n TE C-O D m n SE n C U RE R cB R nE.
 -(No quit fussy and leisure and had Been)  and tied code mine see and cure are would be are need .

The autobiography

08_____(TEnE TF R nE n cB R TSE n cBE ln c) 
............(Teenies thief are need and  ´d be are these and  had Been in do)

09_ ------------(FLRSE PRSE on DE 71 n cBE).
----------------(Failure see parse on deem 1971 and had been).

10_ ------------(CD n SE PRSE on SFE 74 n cBE).
------------------(Cede and see parse on safe 1974 and had been).

11_ ------------(PR+? SE PRSE on RE DE 75 n cBE).
------------------(Poor crossed see parse on redeem 1975 and had been).
12_ (TF n "Ç"? cms P SOLE mRDE LUSE TO TE WLD n WLD n cBE).
-(Thief and "Thorn"? had miss  quit sole murder loose to tied would and would not had been ).

 ___Option 2: "Thief and  Hamdallah /Elroe Carr  had miss quit sole murder ....."

13_ ------------------(i 94 WLD´S n cBE)_____(TRFXL).
-----( i 1994 would is and had been)__( Terrify  come ). 
-2 option: "Terrify ca/come") or 
-3 option ("Terrific me").

2_  "Elroe Carr" is the subject of an unsolved murder, see:

 ++__McCormick may have been regarded as something of a simpleton who, despite some street smarts and his criminal record, was generally naïve to the world. The same cannot be said for the men who ran the Amoco gas station at 1401 Chouteau Avenue south of downtown St. Louis where he worked. 

++__On March,1998__"while working at the family's Amoco station, Baha Hamdallah was arrested again, this time on a felony charge of second-degree assault, for allegedly beating a man named Elroe Carr with a rusty hammer. Baha allegedly threatened to kill Carr, described by family and acquaintances as a sometimes-homeless drug addict, if he didn't get off the property. Baha told police, "I just figured I'd take care of this myself," according to the incident report. 

++__On August 7, 1998, two weeks before Carr's case against Baha Hamdallah was slated to go to court, Carr was gunned down just blocks from the Amoco station on a residential street in the neighboring housing project. The pending assault charges against Baha died that night with Carr.__

        Transcript 2nd. Note: 
The signature and the hidden Treasure (note not reviewed by the deceased. I suppose he died  before coming to home).

Everything is prepared

01_AL? P n TE  GLSE-SE   Er+E
-All quit and tied.   Home is ease(y).    Err crossed.
-Way lose meet is ease(y) this excess effort see.
-quit and rather on praise  would not had been. 
04_ n WLD XL RcmSP  nE WLD S TS mE XL
-and would come are had miss quit and i would is this me come.
05_-----BUL mT 6 T u nSE n c BEXL
---------Bulk meet zest you and had became.

06_-----((A+m)?(L+u)? n S A ¿l? 6 TE n mu n ARSE)
-(A Mail you(rs) and seize? tied and misuse and arise )
-Kill is ill, rest it rise, it haze, I´m keepsake, enemy see. (-2 option: "enemy see" or "enemy hush i") 
08_-----(SAE6 n SE  SE n m8SE).
............(Seize nice see and mate see).

The Numbers

09_N m n h cB h n SE P+E 2PTE WS R C B  hn E(epsilon)E:
-And (to)mine i would being  see quit crossed 2 quit tied was are would be hint  yield.
10_36 mL SE 74 SPRKSE 29 KE(epsilon) nO (S+O)?OLE l T3 RT RSE
-36 miles see -1974 is quit rail see 29 keep no so sole it rather see.

11_(option 1)_35 GLE CL G-6E n? u n u  TKE P?K RSE PSES HLE
-35 home (i) come  gaze and you, and you take pack raise quit see is hole.

11_(option2)_35 6LE CL G-6E......
----------------35 same come gaze......

12_ 651 mT LSE HTLSE n CU T c TRS n mRE
-651 meters (measures) lose hit lose and cut do, there is and more
13_ 99.84.S 2 u n E PLSE n c8SE P?OLTSE n SKSE n BSE?
-99,840 $ to you and i quit lose and case see quit all these and seek see and busy.
14 _ n Sh?E on S E PUT SE WLD n cBE  (3 XOrL).
(option 1)-and shed on is, i put see would and had been.  (3 corm)
(option2)-and to shed light on is, i put see would and had been (tree corm)
 Shed = birdwatching place, perhaps ....


15_ n mSE n RSE l n "x1" n TRLER cBR n SE n TSRCR 6 nE
-And muse and raising awful and trail err would be are and see and this are craze(y) need.

16_ L6P n SE n G-6 P SE mKSE R BSE n cBE AV XLR.
-Laze (y) quit and see and gaze quit see make see are busy and had been avenue come are.
17_Hm CRF n mRE "ñ" cBE   ------   1/2 mun D PLSE.
-I´m careful and more in had been.  ----  Half my you (rs) and the please (or plea see).

The signature
18 _O-W-m-Y  H8L   XORLX.
----------------Owny  I am    Mccorm(i)ck.


+++++++++++++++The note two has a major hardness:  
He could not go home and write a definitive note... his body was found in a field of corn away from his home... so perhaps we only have a provisional or  incomplete notice of his last experiences:



Letters and Symbols:

+ About the letter "n":
n = n  (normal
n = en (phonetic)

n = and /ant
ñ = in
n = vowel+nt or vowel+nd
n = not  ... when "n" behind verb like this example:
----"n WLD n cBE" = "and would not had been"---- 
n E= perhaps "and i" or "need"(n(e)+E(d)).

+ About the letter "E": 
E = E (normal)
E = ii (phonetic)
E = ed, eld, er or en. 
---example TE = tied or BE = Been---

E(epsilon) = Ep, Y. (Shorthand sign)
E(epsilon) = Ji or lli (phonetic) . 
In this case you must study the greek letter epsilon.
---example: KE(epsilon) = Keep---
---example: E(epsilon)E = Yield---

+ Phonetic solutions and numbers:
2= to
6 or S =S, Six, Sicks, se, sy,ce and Z( zed (UK) or zii (US)) and other similar phonetic variants.
8= eigth = "eit" = "ei" = letter A . Because in English "8" sounds like " eight /ˈt/"and is similar to the sound of the vowel "A" = " /ˈ/"

+ Geometrical shorthand system signs:
x1 = awful
L x1 = Lawful

+ = Cross

S (with vertical tail) = $

. = ,  (point = comma , if is between numbers)
. = 0 (after the numbers )

---example: "99.84.S" = "99,840 $"  according to their position on the series of numbers (between numbers or at the end of a figure)---

+Overwritten letters:
m+M = double M, or M over m.
a + m = a over m.
L + u = L over u
S + o = S over o = SO. 
---Example: "S+o ole" = "So Sole"--- 

+Modern English:
Y = (by phonetic solution, similar sound) = "WHY" [waɪ] or "WAY" [weɪ].
or Y = Y

+Old English:

"Y"? = letter Thorn = THORN
Is Thorn?

+But  i am not satisfied with this solution. I think that "THORN" represent the name of someone. This name may have been written in shorthand geometric system to better hide.

+I am still looking.

+I accept proposals to solve a unexpected murder discovered by Mccormick, the deceased. (March-12-2012).

Addenda March 1, 2013

"THORN"  is "ELROE CARR", a homeless of the neighborhood. 

 ---------------------------addenda (june 1, 2015) ------------
NOTE Christopher Tritto on his journalistic report about Mccormick informs us of the violent death of Elroe Carr.
READ MORE:"Code Dead: Do the encrypted writings of Ricky McCormick hold the key to his mysterious death?"
 + This may to mean that THORN  is a shorthand symbol, a symbol of geometric shorthand.
More Info:

+ Addenda et corrigenda.(april 17, 2012)

-And now you can make "an imaginative transcription" to write possible phrases in correct English language .

+ Now you can see Chapter 9:


+ ..... and chapter 10:


- 2 imaginative stenographic "rebuildings"or transcriptions.

Addenda March 8, 2013.
+ Another phonetics example in reverse:



Goodbye from Spain


DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.