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domingo, 5 de junio de 2011



     The character who discovers the treasure in the short story by Edgar Allan Poe "The Gold Bug" had a method or goes through the following stages:
           -1) The problem of the firm.

        -2) The problem whit the letter "E" and other instances.
          -3) The advantages of a handwritten text.

        -4) Find the hostel of the Bishop.

        -5) The unexpected thing: The error of "Jupiter".

        The firm is the master key of the item (the pirate Kidd treasure) but breaks the code by analyzing the repetition of letters and words taking into account the written and unwritten perhaps inadvertently left space to write, the laws of grammar, and the vices of human behavior with brilliant deductions.

        I read the story for years and i see note 2 rapidly in its resemblance to a letter, i looked and saw the last word repetition:

                             XORLX = Mccormick.  (Then "X"= Mc, C and ck).

        I already had the basic key: English alphabet, code key Caesar B or +1 and use of shorthand.

        The interpretation of the last line of footnote 2 would give me two additional information: The hyphen join the letters and it reveals the use of the fonetics as:

        4= four=FOR  or  8= eigth= (eit)= (ei)= letter A.

          Then: "O-W-m-4  H8L XORLX" is "Own-for  i am Mccormick".

        And the question of ownership and the will, well... Why put a signature on paper that you usually only read?

        The letter "L" was the opener of the last line of footnote 2 and footnote 1, plus the study of the life of Mccormick and stop regarding him as a genius of encryption: What was a child and that means that this method is simple and based on the two codes that children learn: The alphabet and phonetics.

         Look:   XL = came or come.     BEXL = Become or became.

        Remember: Mccormick´s family members said he had used similar code as a secret language since his childhood and that none of his relatives knew how to decipher.

         It is a children´s game.

To be continued. 


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DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.