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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2011


            THE KEY  OR  SIGNATURE.

           In  my humble opinion based on Edgar Allan Poe´s short story "The Gold Bug", first we must look for the signature where habitually someone puts the signature.

 ---Note the last word of the last line of the second note:

++ Can you see which letter are repeated, and where? 
++ Can you remember HAL 9000 the Arthur C. Clarke´s joke?
(  HAL 9000 = IBM ..... by Caesar code B or +1)

           "XORLX", a letter repeats itself.
          Remember "McCormick", a letter repeats itself.

          If "X"= Mc, C and cK 
          If O= O and R= R
          If  L= M because he uses the code Caesar b or +1.

          "XORLX" is equal to "McCormick".

         The McCormick notes must be encrypted and shorted but if these notes were written for himself.... on having put his name these notes are actually a note of suicide, a testament or last will.

          If we apply this knowledge to the last line of the 2nd note this it must mean:

          "O-W-m-4  H8L    XORLX"  is  "OWN-for   I aM   MCCORM(i)CK"  because:
          1) O-W, R = OW, R, letters equals and the hyphen serves to join the letters in a word.
          2) -m =  N ,substitution Code Caesar +1, and the hyphen join the letters
          3) -4 = four= FOR (phonetic solution like SMS language & the hyphen serves to join at the word too).
          4) H = I, change by Code Caesar b or +1.
          5) 8 = EIGHT= eit (phonetic solution) = ei (phonetic solution) = letter "a"(graphic representation).
          6) L = M,  another Code Caesar b or +1
          7) Addition vowel (i) as usual shorthand transcription

          It is the key: 
          +English alphabet.
          +Alphabet phonetic English.
          +Code Caesar B or +1 combined in a private system of stenography.
          +Private  shorthand or Stenogaphic system.
End chapter one.
Bye from Spain.


+ ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA. (April 18.2012)

---If you think that "4" is not "4" but "Y"
---If you think "8" is not "8" but "I" .... then the solution is this:

"O-W-m-Y  HIL  XORLX"  transcript is  "OWN-WHY I AM MCCORMICK"  

.... because 
"Y"= wai (phonetic solution) =similar sound to "WHY" or "WAY"
"I" = ai (phonetic solution) = represents letter A

 + ADDENDA ET CORRIGENDA. (january 2012)

--A) I must add one curious fact to explain how i discovered the MCCORMICK signature in a few seconds (april 2011):

+1) My city, Barcelona (spain) has two official languages: Castilian (spanish) and Catalan.

+2) "XORLX" is the last group of words (end 2nd note)

+3) The phonetic transcription of the letter "X" is:
--------English: X= "eks".
--------Castilian (spanish): X= "equis".
--------Catalan: X= "ics" or "xeix".

+ ... And this is evident how all was discovered. Is a phonetic game, like this:

XORLX ="ics"ORL"ics" (X phonetic catalan)="C"ORL"iCs"= CORMIC´s= MCCORMICK´s.

.......Only you need to explain the "L" = "M" as a Caesar code, assume that "X" is a shorthand solution for C, MC and CK and vowels are removed except when are necessary to distinguish one word from another (vowels are implicit, like as in the stenographyc writing).

---B) Something about CAESAR CIPHER:


a gift from the BBC and SH.


LAST CHANGE May 17, 2015

Last line of note 2 is something like this:
"O-W-m-Y  H8L  XORLX" = "Owny  i am Mcorm(i)Ck"

The explanation is like this letter by letter

O = O
W = W
m = N + He used the Cesar's code . one move in the alphabet (after the "m", "n")
Y = Y

+ And the hyphen joins letters creating a word.

H = I + Again the use of Cesar´s code explained above
8 = A + Because in English "8" sounds like "
eight /ˈt/"and is similar to the sound of the vowel "A" = " /ˈ/". The numbers can be used as words or syllable by their similar sound (4 = for, 2 = to, too, 3 = tree  ... etc)
L = M +  Cesar´s code again.

The word "owny" can be found on the Internet Collins English Dictionary: "owny-o or ownsome" http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/owny-o



Good Bye.

 ( addenda et corrigenda, may 2012)


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  1. + Sometimes to begin is necessary to start from the end.

    The First Step: The Inspiration or How isolate a variable, X

    A signature (from Latin: signare, "to sign") is a handwritten (and often stylized) depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" or other mark that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory or signer. Similar to a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying its creator.

    The signature usually appears at the end of any legal document

    Then see the last line and word of note 2, is something like this:
    "XORLX" = " Mcorm(i)Ck"

    X = C, MC and CK. There is the part that is repeated, it is a typically shorthand solution. It reminded me that those who can not write signed with an X or something.
    O = O
    R = R
    L = M + Code Caesar B or +1 move.
    (I) this vowel is added. The vowels are deleted except those necessary to understand the message (a shorthand solution).
    X = C, MC and CK. + Again.

    Remember on legal documents, an illiterate signatory can make a "mark" often an "X" but occasionally a personalized symbol.

    The rest should be simple.



DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.