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viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

++ AND .... WHO KILLED MCCORMICK?. ( Part two ) - A theory - End..

                                                        Too close to the highway 367

---I hope at least someone has read "The Gold Bug" and "Tom Sawyer, Detective" rather than a bureaucrat of some library ban Mark Twain and E. A. Poe by racist and nothing more....

The Solution:

A)---If you watch the video of "wusa9.com" about Mccormick´s case, you can see that the place where the corpse was found is too near the highway 367, a dirt road, and leaves the body visible to everyone at the corner of a cultivated field.

A body too visible to anyone.

++This means that the body was left for the sole purpose to get rid of it quickly and without bothering to hide it because is a stranger to him. What is done to see him never more.

B)---If you look the Mccormick´s notes you can see that are different, too different, the first text is clean and looks good compared to the second note also that is dirty.

++ This means that Note one is final note 
++ The Note 2 is a note unfinished, an interim note,a typical entry when you doing  a job and want to save some date (to write  after the official or final text), nothing more.

C)---The stain of note 2 which makes it difficult to read the text.

++ This means the stain has the size and is in the place where anyone could put the hand to write. Mccormick was conducting some manual and dirty work before writing the second note. Something he will not do never more.

D)---Mccormick  buried in Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) a suitcase with $  99.840 and something else.

++The shovel of E. A. Poe and the little screwdriver of Mark Twain are necessary to hide something . Who wants to steal a garden spade?. This means that someone took the shovel accidentally , nothing more.

E)---And the medication, food, water and others items needed when you make a short trip? Where are these things?

++This  means they are in a bag or backpack. Who would steal these things?. Again no one would ever steal, never. This is an unexpected subtraction , nothing more.

F)---Mccormick had no car or motorcycle and were not found near him.

++This means that strange took him in his car, nothing more.

G)---The notes were in her clothes.

++This means that someone does not look in the clothes. He did not know its existence and neither was interesed in the notes; never before, never after and never more.

H)---Why kill?.

++Is it really necessary to kill someone who is sick of heart and lungs?. Revenge?
--Almost 5 years served his sentence it is too later.
--Steal what? 
Mccormick has no identifiable enemy, none and none more.

I)---To get from St. Louis (mo) to Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) by way of the north has to pass througth the highway 367.

---So...who could kill Mccormick is: NOBODY.
(Whoever wants to know the details of his death should ask who picked to hitchhiker).


+++Mccormick went to Marais Temps Clair CA. (mo) to bury a bag o suitcase  and was wearing everything  necessary in another bag  or backpack (medication, food, water, garden spade...). He dug  a hole despite his illness and his hands dirty wrote the note 2, the most important note for their latest details ans specifications. Note 1 contains a general description  of the chosen site and its autobiography (very similar to that made Confucius) something that can be done at home. 

+++The note 2 is unfinished and ugly because he failed to return home to finished as the other. He covered  the hole and when he finished he came home with a backpack but he had no car.... and decided to be a hitchhiker.

+++Someone decided to pick up  a hitchhiker  who seemed tired, and left his backpack on the back of the vehicle, but something  went wrong on the way back to St. Louis (mo). Mccormick died and the driver, terrified, turned  back and looked  for a place to put  the corpse out immediately.

+++He left  the highway 367 and quickly turned. He threw the body but forgot to throw the Mccormick´s bag and thougt the nightmare was over for ever and ever .... nothing more.


+++The driver is a man, african-american, 35 or 60 years old, manual worker, lived in St. Louis (mo), and may be work in Augusta Ava, religious but  has had  legal problems before.

+++He may have a traffic ticked for that day or by going drunk and his name may be in the police departament in St. Louis (mo).

+++From that day he did not want  more hitchhikers in his car  and is something that prevents. He  has become more secretive and, perhaps, has become more religious or alcoholic. If you publish this profile maybe someone (first in the family) would recognize the person.


+++ This is the easiest solution. And if i am wrong this is a good argument for "Castle", "The Mentalist" or "CSI". I can not do anything else from my room in Barcelona ( Spain, Europe).

+++I hope everything is clear before Obama visit again Jerusalem riding on his beast ... nothing more.

END 2011 

(This is not bad for someone who does not know English. Bye).


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