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domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012


This is the story of a big lie and that enraged many Spanish before going to vote.

News of CADENA SER (1):
  March 11, 2004
22.00 - 23.00. HORA 25. SER Radio.
The suicide bomber
"Three different sources of counter-terrorism have confirmed to the Cadena SER that the first car of the train that exploded before reaching Atocha, was a suicide bomber. Interior does not confirm."  

Carlos Llamas says: "Everything with the utmost caution. Work at a pace that forces us information to recommend that you listen to us carefully." Sound evidence of bin Laden and Tarek Aziz warning Spain that could be targeted by terrorists for supporting the Iraq war.

 23.00 - 23.00.
The israeli forensic prepared to come to Spain.
The Israeli Embassy confirmed that Spanish authorities have contacted the Institute of Forensic Medicine L. Crinsberg for advice of that country's forensic experts in identifying victims of terrorist attacks.

07.00 - 08.00
HOY POR HOY.Gabilondo: "The authorship is still an enigma. Are working on two hypotheses can be ETA, may be Al Qaeda. The next few hours may be crucial for clarifying that fact." Review of national and international press. Carlos Elordi notes that most foreign media point to the authorship of Islamist terrorism.

16.00 - 17.00
LA VENTANA Gemma Nierga and Juan Jose Millas.
"The day after tomorrow you go to vote. A vote for what they had thought before yesterday." The Cadena SER correspondent in Israel announced that the Israeli forensic travel to Madrid by the Spanish authorities' refusal.

March 13. 
15.00 - 16.00
+ News SER. The journalist Javier Alvarez reports that the NIC (3) works at 99 percent with the hypothesis of Islamic terrorism. This information contradicts what she said minutes before the Minister of Interior Angel Acebes.

18.00 - 19.00
 Expansion of information conducted by the SER on the work of NIC. It reads the statement from the director of NIC, Jorge Dezcallar, where denies this information. Cadena SER maintains its own information.

20.00 - 21.00 
Connection with various demonstrations outside PP offices in different cities.

21.00 - 22.00
Hearing of Mariano Rajoy: "I'm Mariano Rajoy, PP candidate for president of the government." Report the facts "seriously undemocratic" taking place.

At 21.30 starts a Special Information: Appearance by Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, the PSOE's campaign manager, said that "Spain deserve a government that does not lie"

 Cadena SER holds the information that has been on the air throughout the day. Carlos Llamas appealed for calm in the demonstrations outside PP headquarters in Genova Street.

 22.00 - 23.00. HORA 25:
 The director of HORA 25, Carlos Llamas, insists his calls for calm: "I insist on the moral defense of the work we do, because it looks like we had been concerned that Islamist terrorism was ... I swear to you, obviously, the fact that it is Islamist terrorism causes us even more unrest. "

 23.00 - 00.00
The international press and collects information from the Cadena SER and some media and question the information you are providing the Spanish Government. Hearing of Eduardo Zaplana
, Government spokesman, from Reuters: "I pray for the government, not make false accusations."

 04.00 - 05.00
Newsletter: The American media are awakening from the lethargy in which they have been sunk, believing that the attacks were the work of ETA. CNN held for two hours straight on the air to his correspondent to broadcast the demonstration outside the PP headquarters in Genova Street.

 22.00 - 23.00
Interior Minister Angel Acebes, the scrutiny to 85.10 percent, proclaims: "The Socialist Party won the elections."


........ and much more lies about Islamic suicide terrorists:
This is the telephone conversation between the candidate of the Socialist Party and editor of the newspaper "El Mundo":

Pedro L Ramirez & Rodriguez Zapatero

 Pedro J. Ramirez wrote:
 Letter from the Director, Pedror J. Ramirez, entitled "The joint venture," published in the newspaper El Mundo on April 15, 2007:

+ "At 10 pm on March 11, 2004 the still opposition leader Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero made ​​me a third phone call of the day. His tone had nothing to do either with the dejection of the morning ("you never know what can happen in the destination") or the tense resignation early in the afternoon ("I know we were in dead heat and the Sunday could go either way. Now you do not, of course "). This week, reviewing more than three years after the transcript of the notes in some detail, I took along the way, I realize its enormous relevance information and my obligation to disclose them without waiting for hypothetical inclusion in a future book.

This was the conversation, in which he debuted on:

- Well, what a turnaround has given this ...

- You say so of the tape in the van Koranic and Islamic claim of London ...

 - And what's worse is that the government knows from early in the afternoon and is hiding information.

- What do you mean?

- Aznar called me mid-afternoon to tell me what the van. Look, what a character. I'm glad not to have been his friend. What a character, is a bad guy. See the call that made ​​me in the morning. I'll tell you because it is not to talk on the phone.

- So serious was it?

- It has been said yet sarcastically, "Well, I hope no one doubts that this was an attack ...".

- That is the nonsense that Ibarra said that the caravan of death ETA Cuenca maybe had put the Government.

- But, hey, when 200 bodies, how can you say that? I know you've been his friend ...

- No, you are being unfair to him and I am still his friend. I do not know is whether he is still my friend and if you have something to do with it ...

- Know for hours that has been Al Qaeda but did not want to recognize ... Look, I know that means police have already found remains of one or even two of the bombers.

- Are you sure about that?

  - It's information that comes from within. Hey, we have ruled for 13 years and we have people inside.

- I think you have agreed on the demonstration tomorrow ...

- Well, okay to say something. Aznar has told me that the demonstration of the Government summoned and that the motto put it. Boy, I ... What will you say? But it is logical that the demonstration would have summoned the parties. Do not you think that it is normal that there had been a meeting at the Moncloa in every game?

- You got that right.

- Or at least the Antiterrorist Pact.

- Of course ... But why are you so sure about Al Qaeda?

 - It's That information you eat from Within. Hey, We have ruled for 13 years and I we have people inside.

- I think You have AGREED on the demonstration tomorrow ...

- Well, okay to say something. Aznar has Told me that the demonstration of the Government Summoned And That the motto put it. Boy, I ... What will you say? But it is the logical demonstration That Would Have Summoned the parties. Do not you think That it is normally HAD That There Been A meeting at the Moncloa in every game?

- You got that right.

- Or at least the Antiterrorist Pact.

- Of course ... But why are you so sure About Al Qaeda?

 Judging by the new discussions during the next few days I have no doubt that Zapatero blindly believed what the kamikazes. Even on Sunday while I went to vote he said he had evidence that they had found remains of three suicide and that time would prove it. What I remember was not, as suggested by the PP in the Commission of Inquiry, the attitude of who is intoxicated to a journalist, but itching to prove that he had better sources than me.

But even if this extraordinarily important, what really prompted me to recall all that was the end of the talk, put together with the references to ETA did 11-M last weekend in the interview published in Gara and the latest avatars of the hearing for the killing. It is true that it was I who called upon the hypothesis of cooperation between ETA and Islamists and that Zapatero was skeptical, but in between was the spontaneous reference to Gonzalez argued that this was what had happened.

 Although one of its most prominent ideologues, the Batasuna leader Jose Maria Olarra, and had two articles in a couple of references in the same sense, Sunday was the first time ETA established a causal relationship between the slaughter -says he was one of the "factors" trigger-and what he calls "process to resolve the Basque conflict" within the framework of a "second reform of the Spanish state." Along with the explicit recognition of its status as a major beneficiary of the change in government policy and terrorism arising from the tragedy, called attention to the language of ETA to mention "armed attacks 11-M" perfectly consistent with the attribution Otegi hot was the "Arab resistance".

One might think that, while not appear that the evidence linking the events, ETA does not hurt that the Sentinel fertilize the legend of Machiavellianism. But the most obvious implication is that ETA is not to condemn what happened and even assimilated semantically his own "armed struggle", disdaining a unique opportunity to draw a line of very effective propaganda among the indiscriminate killing of civilians and the "execution" selective politicians, police or other persons representing or symbolizing the obstacles to this "Basque conflict resolution."

 Should be enough to stir one's interest as their flag defiantly, reminding us that the doctrine of qui prodest remains one of the best openers logic of any criminal enigma, for that hypothesis, in the afternoon I attended the 11-M with whom during many years I had considered his nemesis, continue to be debated and researched all possibilities to speed up human confirm or deny it. But along with this we find the mountain of circumstantial elements that, day after day, they leap persistent pan of courtroom enabled in the House, only those who, perhaps to compensate for the newly cured myopia Zapatero - suffer from a moral or political farsightedness so acute that prevents them from seeing nothing of what is happening before their very noses, they can dismiss out of hand that interpretation.

 That on the left and their media proliferate victims of this epidemic of shortsighted not surprising to anyone, as there is no happier than sick to do so and get this game. What is truly remarkable is the case of the mayor of Madrid and its propaganda bulletin dwindled, which appear every morning determined to communicate to their constituents, supporters, subscribers and advertisers that truth and reason in the great debate from those shakes and Ides of March Spanish society anxiety corresponds completely to their opponents. Accept the evidence and fair play elegant fit-a defeat like Zaplana did the night of 14-M-is something that honors all good competitor. But as it has done preemptively surrender Gallardón with contempt worthy of a better cause is not a sign of stupidity but of political centrism. Play the game and you first and discuss later the outcome. Or at least stop kicking against the own goal. Or at least disguise, Mr. Mayor, that notice was not so much the desire to score for the visiting team.

 I understand that anyone swell of anger and outrage that precisely designated as either the mayor of the city that was hatched and consummated the slaughter who seem more anxious to suffocate under the slab of the administrative bureaucracy and pomposity court any effort towards the truth of what happened. I think it is much more effective to stay calm and put this excellent manager and lousy political leader in the mirror of the information we all have. Do you really think Gallardón an instruction which allowed for the scrapping of the trains without even practicing on explosives expert evidence consistent with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Act was "professional" and "thorough"? Do you really think Gallardón "that had links to ETA would have left for the instruction" from the episode when boric acid to Trashorras to acknowledge the relationship of the Chinese with the ETA of Cañaveras, through the slogans of silence to Cartagena or deletion of data provided by the police as Omar, there is already a plethora of evidence showing that its premium tax and the pathetic Del Olmo were complacent victims of a systematic obstruction of justice for jugular any clues that might lead to ETA? And finally, do you really think Gallardón with his legal training, his perfect knowledge of procedural law, that "if the end ETA has had something to do, be reflected in the sentence" when the only thing that may make the court is to assess the guilt or innocence of the accused and whether the account of prosecutors and the charges are private or not proven facts?


 Inevitably, the glaring lack of a police investigation worthy of the name in relation to all these aspects is weighing increasingly on the analysis of security specialists are state of the development of hearing, from a strictly business point of view . If something has highlighted the interrogation of the accused and witnesses is that neither the deceased nor in Leganes sitting on the bench had the technological capacity to prepare an attack of such precision. Furthermore it was not them, but a supposed "Bulgarians" who bought the phones. Additionally, and although not recorded in the summary, these analysts have in mind that electronic engineer Elgorriaga Thomas Kunze ETA in 2002 had developed a technique to manipulate and use their phones as alarm initiating an explosion, presumably identical to that was used 11-M.

 Join all the discovery in the remains of the centers of nitroglycerin and DNT, which are not components of the Goma 2 ECO Asturian that could facilitate the Islamists, but of Goma 2 Titadyn or EC, it being understood that each day before gaining more body among experts the thesis that ETA would have provided logistical assistance to the perpetrators of the slaughter. The terms of the hypothetical joint venture are fully contained in the complaint that the informer Cartagena sent to the court, when relating what another radical Islamist told in the presence of the accused Said Berraj: "For the ETA they could really work with Islamists in terrorist acts in public places. On the one hand because it would not be done by themselves and would get his goal, and second, because economic benefit obtained  perhaps drugs, about to self-with the sale of explosives. "

None of this will be demonstrated, not today, not tomorrow or the day of judgment. But with so many roads and tracks open, the investigation will continue. It would be funny, if it were not so tragic, that one day he finds that the first two people to intuit what happened, or at least tell Zapatero, would have been Felipe Gonzalez and me."

@ el-mundo.es pedroj.ramirez

LINKS (spanish):

11 - M Video de las explosiones en Atocha.

Las mentiras de la SER en el 11-m

Los suicidas de la SER.

 11m- El bulo del suicida.

Gabilondo y los terroristas suicidas.

 The hoax of suicides
+ In the aftermath of the attacks the chief coroner alleged that no shrapnel was found in any of the victims.
+ The former director of the Forensic Anatomical Institute during the 11-M has returned to recount in detail how his team worked to identify the 191 dead in the morgue  installed in IFEMA (2).

 + Carmen Baladía has been particularly upset with the information released SER hours after slaughter proven, they say, by three different sources of counterterrorism. "I resent the information given at the time, and after nearly four years I still indignant." The former director of the Forensic Anatomical Institute explained the steps leading up to be absolutely certain that there were no suicide bombers on trains:


Moral certainty: It is a conviction that comes to be the result of the sum of a series of objective or subjective valued by the individual concerned, in this case for me. The moral certainty had in the early hours on 12 suicide bombers were not among our dead and about how I had been developing the autopsies in those 12 hours, we were making the comparison between pre-mortem records and police the results of our studies necrótics. And I had the moral certainty after seeing the results that were throwing the fingerprint identifications.

 Legal certainty: It is a truth that without enough to administer absolute justice because there are a number of objective data for creating a final conclusion as based on knowledge, evidence and logic. The legal certainty that I had on March 13.

 Absolute certainty: It is the irrefutable truth. I have it on March 17

+ Although she was the head of forensics and that was at all times present in the work of identification, "no one contacted me." "Who threw that information lying, and I have learned that ran that lie on the 15th of March." "I've said many times: there was no sign gives us a hint, no trace, no trace that caused us to think that among our dead were suicide bombers." After nearly four years, Baladía not understand what purpose was the person who gave the false news. "At no time, and I can not understand what was intended for that information, it was thought that there might be suicide bombers.

The Manifesto of Gran Vía
"Manifesto of Gran Via" is a text released on 23 March 2004 which is attributed to unnamed journalists and Cadena SER, explains how this radio company and its leaders decided to inform the Spanish people the news of the explosion of trains and the pursuit of criminals related to the killing of innocent citizens on March 11, 2004:

+1 º. On Thursday, 11-M, when the official death toll for the bombing has not yet reached 45, the news director of the SER, Daniel Anido, two editors urged that "given preference" the thesis that the authorship of attack was "confused".

 When one of them replied that it was apparent that it was ETA, because the very Lendakari had left at half past nine in the media to charge the dead band, Anido responds as follows: "If ETA, the PP sweeps . If Al Qaeda can win elections. So the author, now, is unclear. "

 +2 °. All the "exclusive" who spread the SER have come 'from above' and exact instructions at all times of how and how often repeated, or, in the words of Carlos Llamas, "crush the subject until to crush the PP '. The wording of the SER has not had any part in the achievement of the famous "exclusive".

Antonio Garcia Ferreras.

Rafael Vera (4)

 The brilliant research team was only one, Antonio Garcia Ferreras, constantly on the telephone with two people: former Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Vera (4), and the PSOE leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba. As commented in writing, Vera was giving information, Rubalcaba's turned into ammunition against the government and passed a message to Daniel Ferreras Anido.

the PSOE leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

 +3 º. The history of "suicide bomber" never had the slightest foundation. Many writers of the SER knew its origin and intent: definitely decant the balance of authorship to Al Qaeda and cast doubt on all the official information coming from the government.

 A SER journalist complained to Daniel Anido disclose that information whose source no one knew (except Antonio Garcia Ferreras) and lacked the minimum contrast. Anido's response was: "We must tighten because we run out of time (in reference to Sunday's election), so the ethicists and intimidated and you can go home." When the reporter suggested making any calls to their own sources to contrast the news, commanded Anido, quote, to "take up the ass."

Daniel Anido - SER

+4 °. Once the SER began to spread the "news" of the suicide bomber, the Forensic Anatomical Institute called the newsroom to ask, first, and require, then we left to tell falsehoods. He assured the caller that the information was correct, to what it said was a "complete lie" and asked them to give him the name of a single forensic document recording the information.

 The steering response of News of the SER was asking what was coming so hard to defend the government, to hang up the phone immediately afterwards.

  +5 º. The research team's upset of the wording of the SER was further increased when it was decided to "inform" on Saturday that the INC was held from the beginning the author of Al Qaeda.

 For two sources, an editor of the SER was confirmed that the NIC (3), as the police, had moved on the morning of Thursday's conviction that it was ETA, and appear only at the tape with verses of the Quran began to be corrected the shot. Even on Friday morning, the impression of the sources of SER NIC pointed primarily to ETA.

 Despite knowing all this, the news director, Daniel Anido, orders that will be "a bag with the NIC", because only one day left and we have to "fuck the whole Rajoy" recklessly makes statement in the presence of a sound technician who dares to murmur "independent journalism alive", to which Anido replies that in this case, "the end does justify the means."

+6 th. When we started to spread the "news" that the NIC knew from the beginning that it was Al Qaeda, the director of the Center, Jorge Dezcallar, is brought into contact with Antonio Garcia Ferreras for an explanation. The conversation was apparently quite tense.

Dezcallar  requires correction and Ferreras warns that "no attempt to mount an anti-SER stunt" because then "we will crush you on the air." Dezcallar choose to make a disclaimer to SER told the Agencia Efe, despite which the SER is holding knowingly false information about the NIC and their initial suspicions.

+7 th. As early Saturday morning, Daniel Anido said that afternoon, "I will whistle ears when Aznar bastard." He adds that "to be good riding in Genoa." By midafternoon, when the concentration starts to the PP headquarters, Anido gives the slogan that was always talk of "spontaneous concentrations" and that will strengthen the coverage of the event as it progresses later, to warrant the lifting of Carousel sports and giving an informative special, in fact, began to prepare in the morning, when pundits were warning the most belligerent of "Hora 25" that were in Gran Vía 32 at nine-thirty.

 "All the artillery" in the words of Anido and Ferreras. "We need to take to the streets half of Spain to put the rope on the statue of Aznar and knock it down" (referring to the image of the demolition of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad). While Anido saw images of CNN + from the street Genoa, with the riot police deployed, even said: "If we are lucky that they try to break up the demonstration loading, we won the war!" The rest is well known.

+ The credibility of those who work in the SER has already suffered enough when "named" Angel Acebes successor. But now they have finished top. There are no sources. There is only poisoning from above. We operate based on daily slogan "He who moves are not in the photo."

 Some editors are tired of our "Urdacis" individuals, two Taliban obsessed with overthrowing governments that are called Ferreras and Anido. We do not like to use us for their political wars, or to attack other media and other radio stations to which basic Editors owe many favors. But then, neither the press nor the television never speak of what is happening here. Neither Almodóvar, of course. As the coach said, "independent journalism alive."

Electoral use of the attacks:
 While in older democracies like the United States and Britain, similar attacks (11-S and 7-J, respectively) were not just social divide, but joined the civil society about its institutions, in Spain was the zenith of social and political tension that had been increasing during Aznar's second term.

 This phenomenon, called "grouping under the banner" was not in the Spanish case.

+ Just two days before the election and suspicions that it had manipulated information, many demonstrators had been demanding to know who the bomber before voting. To cries of "Who was it?" or "The PP lies, we want the truth!" protesters showed their anger at the alleged withholding of information by the government of Jose Maria Aznar.

+ On Saturday, "the motive was an essential tool to hold the demonstrations outside the PP headquarters in several Spanish cities to protest the lack of transparency of information about the authorship of 11-M '. Although from websites reported on the demonstrations, and result in the increase these demonstrations, they can not be explained without the chains of messages from friends calling to speak out and finished all with a "pass it".

says: Your war. our dead

 Perez Rubalcaba Statement March 13, 2004. Socialist Party.
 Rubalcaba said the Spanish deserve a government that will not lie, tell them the truth, IU accused the government of "giving a coup by insisting on information that ETA was the author of the attacks."

  Roman Rodriguez, Canary Coalition said the impression that "the PP used in a terrorist party." Other parties raised similar charges. The PSC made ​​a direct accusation saying that the PP government "has tried to address all suspicion in one direction" in order to 'promote' their political positions on terrorism and "prevent anyone could link this attack with the participation of Spain in the war and illegal occupation of Iraq, "also called for the resignation of Interior Minister Angel Acebes".

 Following the attacks in fact broke the Antiterrorist Pact that the PP and the PSOE had signed, because it expressly forbade the electoral use of the attacks. The Socialist Party then accused of lying and manipulating PP, while the PP would accuse him in turn instigate and participate in demonstrations against the headquarters and members of the PP.
PP guilty. PP lie, Spain suffers.

+ The truth is that the mass media  were deceived by members of the forces of law and order to make the population believe that it was a series of Islamic suicide bombings....... and the PP government was guilty of this happened. Some mass media  explained to the Spanish people a story that had not been proven to benefit his party. This was the real target of terrorists.

+ There was never any suicide terrorist Islamic group, but unfortunately in Spain yes there have been death squads illegally established by Officials of the Spanish Socialist Government like GAL (5).

We do not forget.


(1) Cadena SER radio station deployment and hearing more of Spain (BE, Spanish Broadcasting Company, was established in 1940, just after the Spanish Civil War. Since the death of Franco supports the Socialist Party.

(2) IFEMA means Trade Fair Institution of Madrid (Spain), which each year organizes exhibitions related to the different economic sectors, which brings together leading companies to build business relationships, multiply your contacts and presenting all the news.

(3) NIC: National Intelligence Centre (NIC). Public organization responsible for facilitating the Prime Minister and the Government of the Nation reports, analyzes, studies and proposals to prevent and avoid any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain national interests and the stability of the rule of law and its institutions.

(4) Rafael Vera: He was secretary of State for Security of the socialist Government of Spain chaired by Felipe González from October 24, 1986 and January 29, 1994. In July 1998 he was convicted of kidnapping and embezzlement of public funds in connection with the terrorist group GAL in the "dirty war against ETA."

Socialist politicians going to jail for his crimes related to the Gal. Felipe Gonzalez, former Spanish socialist prime minister, says goodbye to them.

 + Vera was imposed the maximum sentence because he committed an act "extremely serious", "Just who in the organization of state were entrusted to safeguard the freedom and the peaceful exercise of the rights of citizens," stated the sentence, "without justification and only for a few reasons of political prestige hard to understand and impossible to share, committed the offense of deprivation of liberty for 10 days in subhuman conditions a person, whatever their nationality, against whom no charges have been demonstrated. "

(5) GAL: Antiterrorist Liberation Groups (GAL) were death squads established illegally by officials of the Spanish socialist government to fight ETA, groups who practiced what has been called state terrorism, or "dirty war" against the terrorist group ETA and its supporters being responsible for 23 murders (or more).

  Were active between 1983 and 1987, during the early years of the socialist governments of Felipe González. During the trial of this organization was established that was funded by senior officials of the Ministry of Interior.

 Although combat ETA and said "French interests in Europe", the latter by blaming France for "welcome and allow the terrorists to act in its territory with impunity," also performed due to indiscriminate actions which killed French citizens without political affiliation known.

+ Bye from Spain.



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