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jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013


+ Now is the time of the last Pope according to the prophecy of St. Malachy

 + Rome must be conquered but by whom?


 The Albanians I:  WHEN?

 Century 5 - Quatrain  46. Old French:
Par chapeaux rouges(1) querelles et nouveaux scismes
Quand on aura esleu le Sabinois(2):
On produira contre luy grands sophismes,
Et sera Rome lesse par Albanois(3).

Century 5 - Quatrain 46,  Possible English translation:
Fights and new schism by the red hats(1)
When the Sabine(2) will have been elected:
They will produce great sophism against him,
And Rome will be injured by Albanians

1+ RED HATS are The Cardinals. From 1464 to the cardinals are distinguished by their clothing scarlet red:

     A red cassock.
     A cardinal's hat: a red hat. In ancient times the sign was worn by freed slaves. They also used the free citizens in the feasts and solemnities). Currently it is deprecated and no longer imposes pope to cardinals.
     A red hat, which is imposed by the Roman Pontiff in a special ceremony after his election and
     A cardinal's ring, which is different from ordinary bishops.

When in choir dress, a Latin-rite cardinal wears scarlet garments — the blood-like red symbolizes a cardinal's willingness to die for his faith. Excluding the rochet — which is always white — the scarlet garments include the cassock, mozzetta, and biretta (over the usual scarlet zucchetto). The biretta of a cardinal is distinctive not merely for its scarlet color, but also for the fact that it does not have a pompon or tassel on the top as do the birettas of other prelates. Until the 1460s, it was customary for cardinals to wear a violet or blue cape unless granted the privilege of wearing red when acting on papal business. His normal-wear simar is black but has scarlet piping and a scarlet fascia (sash-like belt). Occasionally, a cardinal wears a scarlet ferraiolo which is a cape worn over the shoulders, tied at the neck in a bow by narrow strips of cloth in the front, without any 'trim' or piping on it. It is because of the scarlet color of cardinals' vesture that the bird of the same name has become known as such.

SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardinal_%28Catholicism%29#Vesture_and_privileges

Un cónclave más americano y menos italiano elegirá al nuevo Papa
Consistory held in the Vatican last year. 120 cardinal electors form the college of the future Pope. By  REUTERS

2+ SABINE: The Sabines were an Italic tribe that lived in the central Appennines of ancient Italy, also inhabiting Latium north of the Anio before the founding of Rome.

The Sabines divided into two populations just after the founding of Rome, which is described by Roman legend. The division, however it came about, is not legendary. The population closest to Rome transplanted itself to the new city and united with the pre-existing citizenry, beginning a new heritage that descended from the Sabine but was also Latinized. The second population remained a mountain tribal state, coming finally to war against Rome for their independence, along with all the other Italic tribes, losing, and being assimilated into the Roman Republic. 

Plutarch also states in the Life of Numa Pompilius, "Sabines, who declare themselves to be a colony of the Lacedaemonians..." According to the account, the Sabine habits of belligerence (aggressive or warlike behavior) and frugality (prudence in avoiding waste) were known to have derived from the Spartans.
SOURCE:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabines

 Thus a Sabine is not a Roman, is a foreigner...... like Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) a native of Bavaria, he has both German and Vatican citizenship. 

3+ ALBANIANS  are defined as an ethnic group native to Albania and neighboring countries or as citizens of the Republic of Albania regardless of ethnicity. Ethnic Albanians speak the Albanian language and more than half of ethnic Albanians live in Albania and Kosovo. The Albanian diaspora also exists in a number of other countries.
SOURCE:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanians

Albanians Wish For “Greater Albania”
Map of Greater Albania as claimed by Albanian nationalists. Map by Wikipedia

+ For some it can also mean "men of the Duke of Alba":

Duke of Alba (Spanish: Duques de Alba de Tormes) is a Spanish title of nobility accompanied with the dignity Grandee of Spain. In 1472 the title Count of Alba de Tormes, inherited by García Álvarez de Toledo, was elevated to the title Duke of Alba by King Henry IV of Castile.

Duke of Alba de Tormes is one of the main titles of Spain and historically, one of the most powerful families in Europe; which gives its name to the House of Alba. 

SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duke_of_Alba

Duke of Alba - The goal of a good general is not the fight, but victory. He has
fought enough if has gotten the victory.
An Example: 
Life of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, 3rd Duke of Alba:

He was the most trusted and obedient servitor of the Spanish king Carlos I and his successor Philip II, both chief steward and member of their Council of State and War. He was charged with the government of the Duchy of Milan (1555–1556), the Kingdom of Naples (1556–1558), the Netherlands (1567–1573) and the Kingdom of Portugal (1580–1582). He represented Philip II at his betrothal to Elizabeth of Valois, daughter of Henry II of France and Anne of Austria, daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian II.

Considered by historians as the greatest general of his time and one of the best in history, Alba especially distinguished himself in La Jornada de Túnez, and in many campaigns during the Religious Wars and the Spanish annexation of Portugal, including the Mühlberg, Jemmingen and Alcántara. He is most remembered in Western European history for his sometimes brutal attempts to pacify, and eradicate sedition in, the Netherlands, where he acted with great rigor in punishing the Dutch rebels. Among other efforts, he instituted the Council of Troubles and repeatedly defeated the troops of William of Orange and Louis of Nassau in the early stages of the Eighty Years War. He capped his career in his latter years with the succession crisis in Portugal in 1580, conquering that kingdom for Philip II. As a result of his military genius, Spain achieved the unification of the entire Iberian Peninsula and the consequent expansion of the overseas territories.

 SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_%C3%81lvarez_de_Toledo,_3rd_Duke_of_Alba

Another option is to people who come from somewhere related with ALBANO, ALBANUS or  ALBA

More options see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albanus


FIRST: Even the butler deceives the Holy Father:

+ On January 25, 2012, the first leaked documents discovered dirt in the supply contracts of the Vatican State. The leak rate increases into a waterfall. "Vatileaks' is continuous and devastating.

+ THE VATILEAKS scandal is a scandal initially involving leaked Vatican documents, allegedly exposing corruption; an internal Vatican investigation purportedly uncovered the blackmailing of homosexual clergy as well. The scandal first came to light in late January 2012 in a television programme aired in Italy under the name of The Untouchables (Gli intoccabili). Further information was released when Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi published letters from Carlo Maria Viganò, formerly the second ranked Vatican administrator to the pope, in which he begged not to be transferred for having exposed alleged corruption that cost the Holy See millions in higher contract prices. Viganò is now the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. The name "VatiLeaks" is a play on the word WikiLeaks, an organization that has facilitated the public disclosure of thousands of confidential documents.
MORE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vatileaks_scandal

+ The working environment in the Curia becomes a hell everyone suspects everyone. Butler's arrest in May just relieved, because the slowness of prosecutors and judges delayed Vatican clarifying the facts until after the summer.

+ In this bleak atmosphere, the Vatican worsened his image throwing short shrift to the president of your own bank. Again and again are Italian intrigues, and many bishops of the world concluded that the Vatican could not be ruled "the Italian." The appointment of 22 new cardinals in February had drawn complaints privately to the Pope, as the overwhelming majority were Italians, curial officials and people close to Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone.

In the October Synod of Bishops became more than a match for the new evangelization. In corridors and gatherings addressed the problem of lawlessness, and uncovered valuable characters between the synod fathers younger and away from Europe.

In this situation, Benedict XVI made ​​a strategic decision: he named six new cardinals (non-European) to "complete the appointments of February with a gesture of universality of the Church."

+  Since the pontificate of Pius XI (1922-1939), there were never two "batches" of cardinals in the same year, but Benedict XVI considered urgent change of course. The Italians are about 5 percent of the world's Catholics, but account for 25 percent of the cardinal electors. The "italianizatión" of the Roman Curia in the shade of Cardinal Bertone should make way for internationalization.

20130213 634963853280128643w21061051 400x266 116 Cardenales elegirán al papa en el cónclave
The Pope & the Red Hats
+ But according to a statement from the Vatican, the timing of the resignation was not caused by any specific illness but was to "avoid that exhausting rush of Easter engagements".

+ Does the Pope Benedict XVI in whom could really to trust?

+ I think that Albanians are Muslim soldiers of an army much more powerful.

 The Albanians II:  HOW?

 Century 4 - Quatrain 98. Old French:
Les Albanois(3) passeront dedans Rome,
Moyennant Langres(4) demipler affublez,
Marquis et Duc ne pardonnes a l'homme,
Feu, sang, morbilles point d'eau faillir les bleds.

Century 4 - Quatrain 98. Possible English Traslation:
The Albanians(3) will pass into Rome.
By means of Langres(4) the multitude muffled up,
Marquis and Duke will pardon no man,

Fire, blood, morbid watering the crops to fail.

4+  LANGRES is a commune in north-eastern France. It is a subprefecture of the Haute-Marne département in the Champagne-Ardenne region. 

The town prospered in the Middle Ages due, in part, to the growing political influence of its bishops. The diocese covered Champagne, the Duchy of Burgundy and Franche-Comté, and the bishops gained the right to coin money in the 9th century and to name the military governor of the city in 927. 
The Bishop of Langres was a duke and peer of France. 

The Renaissance, which returned prosperity to the town, saw the construction of numerous fine civil, religious and military buildings that still stand today.
SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Langres

Nostradamus may refer to someone associated with this city.

Rome Fate:  WHAT?

Century X - Quatrain 65. Old French:
O vaste Rome ta ruyne s'approche,
Non de tes murs, de ton sang & substance:
L'aspre par lettres fera si horrible coche,
Fer poinctu mis à tous iusques au manche.

Century X - Quatrain 65. Possible English Traslation:
O vast Rome, thy ruin approaches,
Not of thy walls, of thy blood and substance:
The one harsh in letters will make a very horrible notch,
Pointed steel driven into all up to the hilt.

+ It is obvious:
decline and corruption. Massacre.

More explanation:

Common sources:


Google Translate




+ Now I hope Benedicto XVI to go to Lourdes.,.. and from there he will be carried to three leagues from Lyon, where he will be killed as explained by the third prophecy of Fatima.

It was Pope Benedict XVI who has personally decided to still be called "His Holiness Benedict XVI", or "Papa Emeritus Roman Pontiff." (He will continue wearing a white dress).

+ Collapse of the World Economy.

+ War in Carmania and you should fear the tiger of Hircania (Tehran, Iran, ancient Persia)

+ and MABUS must die and no one can prevent it.

+ Naval defeats

+ The Jewish synagogue sterile (Israel) be defeated by Mesopotamia (now Iraq).

+ .....unfortunate Greece, Italy, Rome, Pope, Spain & Marseilles.  Et cetera.


December  28, 2012.




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