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 --------------------------------- addenda May 05, 2015 ------------------------------


 ..... and no more.

Official version  
When patrol officers Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms minutes later observed a white man walking east on Jackson Street, he was never stopped and questioned. The officers did get a good look at him, they claim.

The man seen by Fouke and Zelms was white, 35 to 45 years old, 5'10", between 180 and 200 pounds, barrel chested, with light-colored, crewcut hair and wearing glasses.  The man didn't appear to be carrying anything and no conversation between the man and the officers took place, they say.

But ....
Two days later, on Oct. 13, 1969, the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter from Zodiac containing a portion of bloody shirt and taking credit for the killing. SFPD Inspectors Dave Toschi and Bill Armstrong, who were assigned the case, were shocked to realize the shirt belonged to Stine. Still later, Zodiac would claim he actually spoke with the patrolmen the night of the murder, leading them astray.

The letter ended with another terrifying threat of violence. “School children make nice targets I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning just shoot out the frunt tire + pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.” Patrol cars and aircraft followed buses to and from schools and armed officers rode onboard for added protection. 

+ Everyone agrees on one element of this story: The Zodiac walked North on Cherry Street, towards Jackson, and, Fouke and Zelms were in their patrol car, headed West on Jackson Street. Those who claim that Fouke is lying argue that the Zodiac must have been stopped by police because there was no other way he could have known about two policemen being in the area at that time.  

  When Fouke and Zelms reached the end of the block, at the corner of Jackson and Cherry, they were flagged down by Armond Pelissetti, a patrol officer walking in the direction the young witnesses at the scene said the killer fled. He informed them that the man they were looking for was white. Realizing they may have just let the killer go, they sped up Arguello and back into the Presidio in an attempt to cut the man off. It was too late. He had disappeared.

+ However, if the Zodiac was simply walking down Jackson Street as Fouke and Zelms drove by in their patrol car, he would have seen two officers in a patrol car in the area and could simply recall that detail later when he was trying to invent a story to make the police look bad.


+ The ZODIAC movie reconstructs the scene thus:

Scene 16  http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/movie.htm
---Inspectors Armstrong and Toschi confront two patrolmen, officers Donald Fouke and Eric Zelms, who were on duty in Presidio Heights on the night of the cabdriver killing. The patrolmen confess that they had seen a white man matching the killer’s description as he fled the scene but did not stop to talk to him because the description broadcast identified the suspect as a Negro Male. Toschi and Armstrong are incredulous and question the stunned officers.---

"In Memory Of Paul Stine: No Justice For The Dead".
Written by Michael Butterfield on October 11, 2009
Read More: http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/blog/in-memory-of-paul-stine-no-justice-for-the-dead/


On October 11, 1969, saturday, at approximately 9:55 p.m. on the northeast corner of Washington and Cherry Streets in San Francisco a cab driver was killed. 

His name was Paul Lee Stine and was 29 years old and married without children.
Mr Stine. From http://www.zodiackiller.com/Stine.html

Stine's cab was hailed at Mason and Geary Streets, with the intended destination being Washington and Maple Streets near the Presidio. For reasons unknown, the cab ended up at Washington and Cherry Streets, a block away from the original destination.

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/StineScenes3.html

Stine was shot in the head at point blank range. 

The weapon was a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, not the same 9mm used in the Ferrin murder.
 Stine's wallet and keys were taken and a large portion of his shirt was carefully torn off.

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/StineScenes3.html

 Bloody fingerprints, potentially of the suspect, were recovered from the vehicle. According to a police document, a pair of men's Size Seven black-leather gloves was also found.

From approximately 60 feet away three teenagers witnesses watched the suspect from the window of a house across the street as he wiped down the cab with a cloth after killing Stine. 

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/StineScenes3.html

They called the police and described a white male, 25 to 30 years old, 5'8" to 5'9", stocky build, reddish-brown hair worn in a crew cut, heavy-rimmed glasses and dark clothing. He was very similar to the suspect observed by Officers Fouke and Zelms.

They last saw him casually walking north on Cherry Street. 

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/StineScenes4.html

Unfortunately, the police dispatcher mistakingly described the suspect as being a black male adult ( if it really happened so .... ).

 However, the three young witnesses, though hampered by poor lighting conditions and fog during their observation of the crime, worked with a police composite artist to put a face on Zodiac. A few days after the sketch was circulated throughout the Bay Area in the form of a wanted poster (October 13):

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/images/composite1.gif

The witnesses requested the sketch be altered to make it more accurate. Thus another version was made (October 18, five days later):

From http://www.zodiackiller.com/Composite2.html

More than a month after Stine's murder ( Nov 12, 69 ), Officer Fouke finally came forward about his possible encounter with the killer.

SFPD Intra-departamental Memorandum:
From http://www.zodiackiller.com/images/fr.jpg
The only two police officers who had reportedly seen the suspect were Eric Zelms and his one-time partner that fateful night, Donald Fouke.

Eric Zelms was killed in the line of duty on January 1st, 1970. But where is the declaration of Eric Zeims about what happened that night?

addenda october 26, 2012

from: "FOUKE & ZELMS: Zodiac Victims", Post by Michael Butterfield 

+ Mrs. Zelms reportedly stated that her husband had confessed that Fouke was the one who wanted to lie about the stop. Zelms also was so distraught by this failure to stop the Zodiac that he carried the composite sketch with him daily in search of the killer. 

+ Zelms reportedly told his wife that he and Fouke had spoken to the killer, “face to face,” and that the man was calm and answered questions. Fouke refuted her claims as politely as possible. “I don’t know when (Eric) talked to the Zodiac because he was in the car with me and we never stopped.” Fouke recalled that Zelms had not seen the man that night and that they did not discuss the sighting until later that evening. “Well, Zelms was riding along with me and didn’t say anything. It’s the only time that Eric Zelms and I worked together that I remember,” Fouke said. “In the station I think I asked Eric, ‘Did you see the guy? The white guy?’ and he said something to the order of, ‘No.’” Fouke was bothered by the failure to notice the suspect. “To me, he should have been seeing him. That’s one of the reasons why I wrote I don’t know if he saw him or not.”

Much more in the link mentioned previously.  

D. Fouke adamantly denied the Zodiac’s version of events.


+ The Zodiac followed with another letter postmarked November 9, 1969. In six pages of rambling text, the killer declared that he was angry with police for "telling lies" about him and that he would "change the way the collecting of slaves" by staging his crimes to appear to be “routine robberies, killings of anger and a few fake accidents." The Zodiac also refuted police claims that he had left fingerprint evidence behind at the scene of the Stine murder, and, he announced that he was wearing a disguise during his crimes. The letter included a formula to build a fertilizer bomb and a hand-drawn diagram of the proposed device:

 "p.s. 2 cops pulled a goof abot 3 min after I left the cab. I was walking down the hill to the park when this cop car pulled up & one of them called me over & asked if I saw any one acting suspicious or strange in the last 5 to 10 min & I said yes there was this man who was runnig by waveing a gun & the cops peeled rubber & went around the corner as I directed them & I disapeared into the park a block & a half away never to be seen again."

“the man most investigators believed was the Zodiac”

Arthur leigh Allen. 1967 driver s California license B672352.
 It is clear that her face is not what witnesses described.


+ Why people stubbornly pursue him and charge him with the crimes?
+ Why Eric Zelms not support the declaration of Donald Fouke?
+ Why Eric Zelms has not left anything written? 
+ Why do people think that there is a murderer Zodiac when it is clear that they are two different persons ( father and son or older brother and little brother, by example)?

--Who calls himself  ZODIAC is a liar.
--He does not do what it says. 
--No hunting, do not put bombs, not attacking school buses. he dresses so ridiculous to commit his third crime and cowardly killing a taxi driver He threatens but his criminal activity is reduced more and more. He does not like killing, he likes SHOWBIZ.
--He is the heir of someone much more evil and determined to kill. 

It's ridiculous, is the work of a beginner.

--The first two crimes were done by someone who did not hesitate. His acts are firm and determined. He does not dress ridiculously and their victims believe that he is a POLICE OFFICER. he does not speak or converse with their victims. --He "removed" the man and kills the sinful woman who was a sinful place. This is the person I call PRE-ZODIAC Killer. 

The Zodiac Killer is a copy or substitute of the real murderer. 

Return to analyze what the murderer does
 Victims confirmed (in California, USA).


 +December 20, Lake Herman Road, Vallejo: David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen (shot outside a car):
        David Faraday, age 17 (shot in the head)
        Betty Lou Jensen, age 16 (shot five times in the back as she fled) 

........ Other sources have speculated that Zodiac wasn't responsible because no taunting letters or phone calls were received until months after the murders. However, when Zodiac finally took credit for this attack, he provided many details that were not known to the general public. Perhaps Zodiac's sense of fulfillment following the Faraday-Jensen murders was so strong that he didn't feel the need to immediately brag to the news media.

 +July 4, Blue Rock Springs, Vallejo: Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin (shot while seated in a car):
        Michael Mageau, age 19, was shot 4 times (shot in the face, neck and chest; survived)
         Darlene Ferrin, age 22, was shot five times

Thinking it was a police officer, the couple had their identification ready. Without warning, the man began firing at the couple. After five shots were fired, the man walked slowly back to his car. Mageau screamed in pain, at which point the man returned and fired two more shots into each victim. It was at this point that Mageau got a look at him. The man was white, 5'8" to 5'9", late 20s to early 30s, stocky build, round face and brown hair. No conversation between.

Not content with the murder of Michael and Darlene, that night came the Zodiac Murderer, at 00:40 am, at a telephone booth located near the place which he called: Vallejo Police Station. The operator Nancy Slover, who first responded, said that the voice of the murderer was so devoid of accents and bumps, while gently but forcefully. The opening words of the murderer were these: "I want to report a double murder. If you walk a mile east on Avenue Parkway to the public park, find two young in a brown car. "Shocked, Nancy tried to interrupt to get data but the murderer spoke louder and continued until the end in a serious tone and provocative with the words: "They have been shot with a 9mm Luger. I also killed the boys last year. Goodbye. "
   Meanwhile Dean, husband of the late Darlene, just out of the Caesar's Palace (worked there) and was driving home along with some colleagues and a few bottles constructed to celebrate July 4th. Upon arrival, Dean saw that Darlene was not and soon the phone rang at 01:30 am. A friend of Dean answered the call but only heard a few gasps. So did Dean's parents, who fifteen minutes later received a call that just heard gasps. Finally the phone rang at the home of Dean and gasps sounded again. Dean would have wanted to try some joker, but the police who arrived home shortly after the gasps on the phone, he was informed that his beloved and unfaithful wife had been murdered, thus being clear that those agonizing gasps should belong to Darlene murderer ...

 It appears that the murderer chases sinful women and knows them well.... and then someone comes along who makes jokes in bad taste.

+September 27, Lake Berryessa, Napa: Bryan Hartnell and Cecilia Shepherd:
          Bryan Hartnell, age 20, (stabbed six times , but survived)
          Cecilia Shepard, age 22, (stabbed 10 times, five in the front and five in the back ; survived, but later died at a hospital) 

Lake Berryessa, Napa. Map.

     According to the police report, the couple was relaxing on a blanket at a very remote location by the lake. Shepard noticed a man approaching them wearing an unusual costume and holding a gun. He appeared to be more than 6'0" tall with a heavy build. The man claimed he was a prison escapee from either Montana or Colorado and needed money and a car to flee to Mexico. Hartnell offered his wallet and car keys, which weren't taken. 

    After several minutes of conversation, the man tied the couple with plastic clothesline and began stabbing them. Hartnell was attacked first, then Shepard. After the assault, the man walked casually away from the scene. After several minutes, a nearby fisherman heard the couple screaming and alerted park rangers. By the time help arrived, Shepard and Hartnell had managed to untie their restraints.

+October 11, Presidio Heights, San Francisco: Paul Stine:
            Paul Stine, age 29 (shot once in the head inside his taxi)

 One hates women and wants to kill them, and the other hates killing (Zodiac did not see Cecilia's face and stabbed her in the back) but wants fame or he needs to influence people to feel that is mighty. 

The first murderer got what he wanted and did not want to continue, and the second, called Zodiac, wanted to continue but neither knows nor likes to kill. 

Everything began and ended here:+Blue Rock Springs, Vallejo: With Michael Mageau and Darlene Ferrin. 

The first murder was only a test (Lake Herman Road, Vallejo).

+ Are the two monsters continue to live in Vallejo? 
+ Five murders to hide the real reason for one murder? 

   Personally I think it there is only one person with reasons to kill, and logically thought the police he was the murderer, but he seems to be so weak and his alibi was so good that they forgot him. But he's not a murderer, he is very weak and fame and the power liked him and he invented the Zodiac and tried to continue killing, and finally he was satisfied with a bloody shirt that could divide into pieces to prove its existence without having to kill again and again.








Goodbye from Spain

 Currently, the place.
capture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/comtessedespair/with/2364544962/#photo_2364544962


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