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lunes, 14 de mayo de 2012

TO FBI: 10 POSSIBLE SOLUTION OF MCCORMICK´S NOTES (chapter 10): The 2nd Transcription.

+ Part two.

"Rebuilding" Mccormick´s note two:


- The note 2 is a interim note.
- The 2nd note was written by Mccormick after to do something in somewhere with his hands and before he get home.

Addenda et corrigenda april 17, 2013
+ The note two has a major flaw: 
He could not go home and write a definitive note... mccormick´s body was found in a field of corn away from his home... so perhaps we only have a provisional or  incomplete notice of his last experiences.


- This is a STENOGRAPHIC problem and not a cryptographic problem.So my solution is a stenographic rebuilding: I have reconstructed a text and ideas expressed in it.
- It is a stenographic text because so many vowels have gone. The vowels remaining in the text are only necessary for the successful reconstruction of the original text, which is common in shorthand systems.
- The truth is that a stenographic text can only be rebuilding exactly by the original stenographer (Mccormick or just a member of his stenographic school).
- My solution is an "imaginative" solution based on my transcription made in the chapter 4 "DECODE".

-The facts can show if i have reason or i was wrong.

Note two:

1- Everything is well bound and tied --- No problem at home --- The plan errors have been overcome.
2- The way loss is easy to find, the effort to do this is not excessive.
3- You rather try to highlight what had been written.
4- This is what i would like to happen and so had been.
5- The contents of the package found enthuse you and look for what will happen.

6- This delivery has been left tied to you , so take advantage to your liking.
7- The disease is killing me, i should rest more often, my view is clouded, i am already a memory of what i was. Enemy in sight.
8- Take this with a mate and yourselves enjoy with this.

9- And to me i would like to be there and see how you get past the 2 crossroads and untie my hints to obtain the yield.
10- 36 miles to see, 1974 leaving the railway, and look 29 keep. Rather you have to consider these three numbers together.

11- (option 1)+ You should see the home number 35 and you can grab the package will be seen in the hole.
 ----(option 2)+ You should see the same 35 way and .......

12- You must subtract 651 steps to find the bag lost and if you dig through there you will find more than ....
13- 99.840 dollars for you left in a suitcase that you will again to take care to seek and find.

14- (option 1) And to shed light on the place where this could have been placed --- (three Corm).
---- (option 2) And the shed is where i would put and i have been placed the suitcase -- (tree Corm).

15- And meditate and learn about the awful things that happen and avoid the wrong trail that you could follow. Awful things i think are necessarily crazy.
16- You stop being lazy and see and gaze the world around you, and look stop pretending that you are busy and this had been the way they pretend to become someone.
17- I am careful and much more i had been --- Half of my things for you and for to do me the please.

18- (option 1) -Own because i am MCCORMICK.
---- (option 2) -Own why  i am MCCORMICK

+ Address of the home number 35 is where i predicted, next to north entrance to Marais Temps Clair, conservation area, Missouri:


6035 Missouri 94, Portage des Sioux, MO 63373, United States.

.... you can to search and to check up on this , if you want.

Addenda et corrigenda april 17, 2013

 I may be wrong. If there is no house or sign number 35 at the north entrance, I must consider the southern entrance because there is a distance of 35 miles between Marais and St louis.

Southern access: 5134 Island rd, St Charles, MO, 63301 EEUU

Read More about this possible mistake:  http://prophecyexperimentalzone.blogspot.com.es/2013/04/mccormick-another-treasure-map.html


Addenda et corrigenda in pink

End part two. 



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