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lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012




 And the orphans?
What about the orphans of mccormick?

- A year ago, when I thought "XORLX" could mean "MCCORMICK", I had to wonder if "(3XORL)" could mean "3 Mccormick sons". He had 4 children, said the FBI, but there was an "X" ..... but could mean something like: Charly / Charles, Greg / Gregory, Ken / Kenneth, Marge / Margaret ....

- So I had 3 options at my disposal: "3XORL" =
+ 1rst-3 Mccormick, sons.
+ 2nd-3 Corm, a place.
+ 3rd-Tree Corm, a plant or tree.

+ But there was another strange thing: why there was no image of any member of the family of McCormick?
+ Nobody asked for justice or revenge?

+ In "You Tube" I have seen and read things about St. Louis that I did not like...

----Another kid shot in St. Louis

----St louis gangs

----Gangland Boys of destruction 1 - 5

+ Mccormick's children might be dead, in jail, on the street or in Afghanistan with a purple heart in the chest.
+ They have rights that I will not complain.

Do you think they can wait another twelve years?


- Sometimes it is necessary to explain everything.
- When I discovered "Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area (MO)" I thought then that the most correct interpretation of (3XORL) was "three corm" or "tree corm." Commonplace in a conservation area.

Is that all?

- No, sometimes you have to follow a strange way to see if you can get somewhere. I have had a dream.
- If something is bothering you this can be part of your dreams or nightmares. The dream begins so:

+ A black girl falls and falls again. His mother can not prevent his fall, I nor I can stop, there is no evil but she falls to the ground.
+ I return to my house and I meet a man who asks me if I am one who seeks to Mccormick.
+ I'm going and he follows. He hurt himself hitting with two papers of two different colors. If I look at him i keep my distance. If I look not at him, he approaching to me.
+ Thus we come to my house. There are a few onlookers who take photographs but do not help me. The pursuer jump out my window and I look at what has happened in the street.
+ And i see the street is covered with snow, the pursuer too, except that a corner of the street is a half-buried human figure.

- The explanation seems simple:
- A black girl sick relative to Mccormick (perhaps granddaughter) who needs help ... and everything will resolve when the sun's heat to melt the snow.

Now I look for a black girl who needs help before it's too late.

End  &  Bye.



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