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Ranger Sgt. White is he a liar?).



+  "Zodiac" killed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 1960s and early 1970s, leaving several victims in his wake and taunting police with letters, blood stained clothing, and ciphers mailed to newspapers. The cases remain one of Northern California's most infamous unsolved crimes.

_Previously i wrote about this AGATHA CHRISTIE & THE ZODIAC CRIME

 "It's ridiculous that so much evidence can exist and so many clues can exist and yet we still don't know this guy's name"
___Says Tom Voigt,  webmaster of Zodiackiller.com


+ Tom Voigt is right. The police has many evidences but does not know how to interpret the facts and for decades has pursued an innocent but sexual pervert, and not by chance.
__I think I understand why five people were killed and who killed them because i read this plot before  (One gets infected, it is true, by the style of a novel that one has been reading).

Yes, there is something familiar to me there. 

The Clocks is one of Agatha Christie’s later books, published in 1963. Quotes:

+ Lt. Colin Race: This murder gets more complicated by the minute.

Hercule Poirot: Mais oui. Which can only mean one thing, mon ami. The solution, it must be very simple.
+ Hercule Poirot: I do not think it is important *who* he is, but who he *is*.



Agatha Christie wrote

+ I perceive you are still sceptical. But first let me say this: To be sure means that when the right solution is reached, everything falls into place. You perceive that in no other way could things have happened

__ One thing is certain, It must be a very simple crime because it appears so complex. If it has necessarily to appear complex, it must be simple.
 You comprehend that?

__ The crime made a pattern. Later, much later, that pattern recurred. I claim that I know the name of who killed five people and why he did it. 


__ I have not completely solved the case, that's the job of the police. They have the resources to link the evidences with these two people.

__ One thing must be clearly understood. To solve any problem one must have the facts.


__ So, as far as can be, I have the facts — I am “in the picture”. It is your wartime term, is it not? To “put one in the picture”. The thing that struck me first of all, when people recounted the story, was its highly fantastic character. For we must never, must we, believe what we are told, until such statements have been carefully checked?


__ The whole thing is melodramatic, fantastic and completely unreal. It is the kind of thing that could occur in the writings of such thriller writers. One comes almost to regard actual crimes in the light of fiction. That is to say that if I observe that a dog has not barked when he should bark, I say to myself,  “Ha! A Sherlock Holmes crime!”; It is, as it were, the opposite of Chesterton’s, “Where would you hide a leaf? In a forest. Where would you hide a pebble? On a beach.”  Here there is excess, fantasy, melodrama!


__  So here is the setting of a crime in such wildly improbable circumstances that one feels at once, “This book is not true to life. All this is quite unreal.” But alas, that will not do here, for this is real. It happened. That gives one to think furiously, does it not?’

__ When I say to myself in imitation of Chesterton:
“Where does a middle‐aged woman hide her fading beauty?” 
I do not reply:
“Amongst other faded middle‐aged faces.”  

Not at all. 

She hides it under make‐up, under rouge and mascara, with handsome furs wrapped around her and with jewels round her neck and hanging in her ears; because then, you see, people will look at the furs and the jewels and the coiffure and the haute couture, and they will not observe what the woman herself is like at all!  So I say to myself  this murder has so many fantastic trappings to distract one it must really be very simple.

Did I not?’


__ So, then, we discard the trappings of the crime and we go to the essentials. A couple has been killed. Why has he been killed? 
Why has she been killed?  And who are they?  The answer to the first question will obviously depend on the answer to the second. And until you get the right answer to these two questions you cannot possibly proceed.

__ And suddenly I think to myself, “You say this should be a simple crime? Very well, make it so. Let this couple be exactly what he seems: teenagers in love, an adulterous wife and her lover, a couple of former lovers, and a taxi driver chosen randomly.”


__ So here is someone, an ordinary, couple whose removal is necessary to someone. To whom? And here at last we can narrow the field a little. There is helpful the local knowledge.


__ Speaking the truth is always very much easier than lying. And so they let slip one little fact which unbeknown to them makes all the difference. One little sentence of inestimable importance. 

Murderers are often conceited  unwittingly.
 ..........................Fragments of "The clocks" (Chapter 24)  by Agatha Christie. slightly modified.

..... By the way, "The Zodiac Killer" is two murderers.


Mark Twain and my alternative story of love and hate in Vallejo

...... who would escape hanging?  wrote Mark Twain. Criminals look for a hideout or an alibi, right?  But as Agatha Christie says the beginning is:

-- Who wants to
kill these seven people
-- Who are the victims?

1    Who wants to kill two teenagers?
2   Who wants to kill a mother & adulterous wife and her lover?
3   Who wants to kill a couple of young old lovers?
4   Who wants to kill an unknown taxi driver?

1  Who wants to kill two teenagers?  
+ NO ONE because they are too young to have enemies
+ The first murders widely attributed to the Zodiac Killer were the shootings of high school students Betty Lou Jensen (16-year-old) and David Faraday (17-year-old).

__ The couple were on their first date and planned to attend a Christmas concert at Hogan High about three blocks from Jensen's home. The couple, instead, visited a friend before stopping at a local restaurant, and then driving out on Lake Herman Road. Faraday parked his mother's Rambler in a gravel turnout, which was a well-known lovers' lane. They are chosen randomly .

A doubly mortal test: Betty Lou Jensen (16-year-old) 
and David Faraday (17
-year-old). The Chronicle Archive

 2  Who wants to kill a mother & adulterous wife and her lover?
+  The husband Arthur Dean Ferrin, THE CUCKOLD . 

 + On July 4, 1969, Darlene left her small house next to the Vallejo Sheriff’s Office, where she lived with her husband Dean and their daughter Dena, and told Dena’s babysitter that she was going to buy fireworks for the party she planned to have that night. 

 __ Just before midnight on July 4, 1969, Darlene Elizabeth Ferrin (22-year-old)  and Michael Mageau (19-year-old) drove into the Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, four miles from the Lake Herman Road murder site, and parked. Ferrin  worked as a waitress at Terry's Restaurant and Mageau was single and worked as a laborer. 

__  According to Mageau's statements to police in the days that followed, Ferrin had picked him up at his house about half an hour earlier, and they were going to get a bite to eat when Darlene said that she wanted to talk to him about something. The pages below document Michael Mageau's statements to police and reporter Dave Peterson in 1969:

__At Mageau suggestion, she turned around on Springs Road and headed east to Blue Rock Springs Park in Benicia, a spot popular with local teenagers cruising after dark.

Darlene “Dee” Ferrin in early 1968, holding her daughter Deena next to the Chevrolet Corvair in which she would die more than a year later.
SOURCE: http://zodiackillerarchive.tumblr.com/post/53624547627/darlene-dee-ferrin-in-early-1968-holding-her#notes

__ The killer directed the flashlight into Mageau's and Ferrin's eyes before shooting at them. Both victims were hit, several bullets passing through Mageau and into Ferrin 

__ After firing five shots, the man turned and headed back towards his car. Michael Mageau screamed in pain, and the suspect returned and fired two more shots into each of them. Michael was hit four times, Darlene five. The gunman shot her several times as she sat helpless behind the steering wheel. The gunman  really wants to kill them.

__ Darlene Ferrin, a woman who was known to have several lovers,  was killed on Friday July 4, 1969, at 15:45.

+ Michael Mageau survived and later fled the state. Because of this trauma he went into hiding and became a drug addict or alcoholic or both. He was also homeless for a while. His encounter with the Zodiac profoundly altered and  ruined his life.

AFTER, Saturday, July 5, 1969

1:30 a.m. – The phone rang at Dean and Darlene’s house. Their friend Bill Leigh answered it. All he could hear was heavy breathing. “Why doesn’t she stay home with her husband once in a while,” he said into the mouthpiece and hung up.

Bill Leigh was questioned by Vallejo Police. Here is the official police report of his questioning::

__ William did state that he knew that she was running around a lot and thought she was seeing other men, could not give names or dates, places, of any of this. Stated she would go out and stay out until late night or early A.M. Stated some of William’s friends had said they had seen Darlene in different places with other men. William stated Dean (husband) allowed her to go out usually as she pleased and would not believe she was doing anything wrong.

Source: http://www.carpenoctem.tv/serial-killers/the-zodiac-killer/vallejo/

 + Ferrin's first husband (february 1966 - 1967) , James Phillips Crabtree , was also briefly a suspect after Darlene´s family told several stories (beatings and insults like "SLUT") which appeared to implicate the man:
MORE  http://www.zodiackiller.com/DeeCourt1.html

+ Obviously Ferrin's  husband, Arthur Dean Ferrin, was initially a suspect in the murder, however was ruled out once it was established he was working as a cook at Caesar's Restaurant at the time of the murder.

__ The husband of an adulteress, often is  regarded as an object of derision. Cuckold´s  option is to ignore the situation and accept the ridicule or kill the woman, her lover, or both. There is no longer duels but divorce yes and then Arthur Dean Ferrin could lose his daughter Deena legally.

By Mark Twain + Source of Inspiration 03
+ http://www.rando-saleve.net/photos/marktwain15.jpg

Who is Arthur Dean Ferrin?

 If your marriage is going badly the denial helps numb us so we can carry on
Fragment of the book "The zodiac Killer cover-up" by  Lyndon E. Lafferty, Chapter XX, page 187.

 3  Who wants to kill a couple of young old lovers?
+  The abandoned

+ On the afternon of September 29, 1969, a 20-year-old Hartnell ran into an old girlfriend, Cecelia Shepard, and he suggested to go a Lake. Lake Berryessa, a scenic reservoir about 45 minutes east of Napa and not far from Pacific Union College where they were both students. They found a secluded spot near the water edge and spread out a blanket so they could relax and catch up.

__ Bryan Calvin Hartnell was STILL a
junior prelaw major student at Pacific Union College in Angwin. Cecelia Ann Shepard  was THEN a fifth-year senior music major  student at the University of California, Riverside, and she had only been up around Angwin visiting a friend. Tomorrow she was leaving to go back south.

+ Interview of John Robertson Det/Sgt Napa County Sheriff´s department With Bryan Hartnell at Queen of the Valley Hospital, Sept 28, 1969.

Hartnell was heavily sedated  &  interview taped.
: she says "WHY?"  and not  "WHEN?"
I want to know why she stopped loving Bryan.
I want to know what horrible thing seen in Bryan
to break her romantic  relationship.

Strategy and criminal knowledge of Bryan Hartnell

  Yes, then  he had a girlfriend but he want to be with Cecelia and she asked "WHY?".
MORE: Bryan Hartnell Interview 1969- ZodiacKiller.com

__ According to the police report, the couple was relaxing on a blanket at a very remote location, on a secluded shore of the lake. Shepard noticed a man approaching them wearing an unusual costume and holding a gun.  Then between the victims and the man with glasses approaching them occurred  a strange conversation like the elaborations of a bad liar  ....After several minutes of conversation, the man tied the couple with plastic clothesline and began stabbing them. He appeared to be more than 6'0" tall with a heavy build.

Sketch of the Zodiac at Lake Berryessa according to victim Bryan Hartnell’s description, drawn by San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist, Robert Graysmith.
An unusual costume.
Something  ridiculous, uncomfortable, absurd, laborious costume,   ie. a CRUEL CHARADE.

 __ Cecelia Shepard, age 22, was stabbed 10 times, five in the front and five in the back. Bryan Hartnell, age 20, was stabbed six times in the back. The knife had a wooden handle and a blade approximately 10 to 12 inches long

 __ After the assault, the man walked  away from the scene.  Bryan Hartnell  had remained conscious throughout Cecilia's attack and Cecilia Shepard  soon regained consciousness (This time the murderer did not return to finish the job)

__ The couple began yelling for help.  He began to crawl for help.  

Q:  How
could the murderer to know where they were ?
A:  Easy, this was a date for three people
, two murderers and a female victim. 

__ A nearby fisherman heard the couple screaming and alerted park rangers. It took nearly an hour for an ambulance to arrive, at which time both victims were in critical condition

__ Just over an hour after the attack, the Napa Police Department received a call from a man claiming responsibility for the stabbing. Napa County Sheriff's Department deputies  found that the attacker had written a message on the victim's car door . Tire tracks indicated the killer had parked behind the victim's car.

Zodiac´s message on the Bryan's car door.
The Zodiac had  drawn a zodiac ‘symbol’ on their car with a felt tip pen and the message included the dates of the Faraday-Jensen and Ferrin-Mageau attacks. Why? 
... a statement or signal to be located?

__ He survived but Cecelia Shepard passed away 2 days later as a result of her injuries from the Zodiac's knife. While Bryan gave many interviews in the first few years after the attack.

Bryan Calvin Hartnell (20-year-old)  and Cecelia Shepard (22-year-old)
Then he had a girlfriend in Portland She was his old  girlfriend, but she then was just a friend.

BEFORE The ROOMMATE  says about this love affair:

Cecelia loved Bryan Hartnell and she left her boyfriend Gary but then she also stopped loving Hartnell. Why?
SOURCE: http://zodiackiller.fr.yuku.com/topic/269/From-Cecelias-Sister?page=2#.VT_Kb_Alk1I

Note: Gary was an older boyfriend of Cecelia. Parents stated that Gary, 21  years old, senior, Pacific Union College, threatened victim when victim started going Bryan Hartnell. This ocurred sometime in  1968. However the parents stated that he was small in stature and that victim Bryan Hartnell knew him quite well.  
SOURCE Supplementary Crime Report http://www.zodiackiller.com/LBReport19.html

LATER : THE 3 STATEMENTS AND Bryan Hartnell versus "THE CHICKEN" of Graysmith.

S1/S2 + Bryan Hartnell interview  (2007)
 " Hartnell says he never wallowed in the misery of his attack, or spent much time wondering why he lived and Cecelia died. He opted not to veg out at his parents home in Oregon, convinced the down time would not be helpful. Instead, after hed recovered from his wounds, he resumed a full load of classes, received his B.A. in 1971 and completed law school four years later.

.... Job as a probate attorney."

....Zodiac producers gave Hartnell a copy of the script..... he asked for one change. . Graysmith had heard from one of the investigators that Hartnell had told the Zodiac, "I am chicken, stab me first". He won´t come out and say it but, clearly, he finds the misquote deeply offensive. Most importantly, he says, it´s untrue...

The only reason I am sensitive about it is it's so preposterous, he explains. First of all I had no clue that it [the stabbing] was going to happen until it happened. And I don´t think a person who was chicken would say I am chicken, stab me first. I mean, I can say I am chicken, I don´t want to be stabbed but I don´t think anyone would say stab me first!.....

.. and the line was excised from the script and the line was excised from the script.

__ While Bryan gave many interviews in the first few years after the attack, but he is no longer discussing the case with the news media. Despite being more than accommodating to press inquiries in the past year(2008), Hartnell says his interview with Inland Empire Magazine will probably be his last. He is convinced the resurgent publicity the film (Zodiac) brought him is not in his best interest.

Source:Bryan Hartnell interview from Inland Empire Magazine:"Surviving Zodiac,' by Jerry Dale.

Bryan Hartnell and the case of the chicken.
The main photo accompanying the article.
Strange to see a lawyer who is not interested in justice to his old girlfriend.
Or not?

+ ANSWER from Cecelia's Sister (Mar 07, 07 + E Mail to Tom Voigt)

__ "Bryan Hartnell on national TV describes Cecelia Shepard, as an old girlfriend. His statements appear detached and unfeeling.

__ Has he forgotten her passion for music, gentleness, loyalty, character, and bravery? Can he recall any memorable experiences for example, like trying to teach her to snow ski and meeting the parents? Also, did he not see multiple stabbings to her body and hear her fear and suffering at the hands of the Zodiac? What does Bryan say about the senseless killing of an innocent young woman and how it changed his life?

__ The truth is that Bryan will never be able to forget his Zodiac experience with Cecelia. She endured and suffered unspeakable horror and pain, as did friends and family thereafter. Bryan did not alert the Shepard family about his involvement with the Zodiac movie and Bryan's thoughtlessness and lack of empathy additionally contributes to our distress. The thoughtlessness also extends to the Zodiac movie creators."

SOURCE http://zodiackiller.fr.yuku.com/topic/269/From-Cecelias-Sister?page=1#.VTlokfAlk1I

S3 + Statement of Ranger Sgt. White

+ He attempted to interview both the boy and the girl victims while awaiting arrival of the ambulance.......  Hartnell Knew.

THE AGREEMENT:  If the Ranger is not a liarthe murderer said that he would stab them and Hartnell asked to be stabbed  first because he did not want to see Cecelia stabbed....and so did the murderer. Hartnell knew but later changed his statement and  said he did not know what would happen.
The difference ?
: She was alive and beside him, after he was alone

SOURCE: http://www.zodiackiller.com/LBReport7.html

Source of inspiration 04

A surviving victim, a  winner victim  (an opposite version of M. Mageau, the other surviving victim)

SOURCE: Bryan Hartnell, birthday.http://www.redlandsdailyfacts.com/general-news/20090630/happy-birthday-to-bryan-hartnell-60
+ "As a young boy he moved frequently with his father's ministry, so he became very adept at making new friends in new communities."

__ I should imagine that he began to discover quite young his own power of influencing people. He is a good listener, he has a quiet, sympathetic personality. People liked him . He sensed this and then made use of it. He discovered how ridiculously easy it was, by using the correct words and supplying the correct stimuli, to influence his fellow creatures. The only thing necessary was to understand them — to penetrate their thoughts, their secret reactions and wishes.

__ Can you realize that such a discovery might feed a sense of power?

__ Here was he, Bryan Hartnell, whom everyone liked — and he could make people do things they didn't want to do — or (mark this) thought they did not want to do.  He , the gentle-natured loving man, is a secret sadist. He wants the whole gamut of emotion, suspicion, fear, the coils of the law. He is an addict of pain, of mental torture.   It fed two covets — the covet of the sadist and the covet of power.


 Lake Berryessa – September 27, 1969
7:40 p.m. – The phone rang at Napa P.D. This is the way the conversation went:
“Napa police department, Officer Slaight.”

“I want to report a murder – no, a double murder. They are two miles north of Park Headquarters
(actually about only a half mile). They were in a white Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.”

[There was a long pause.] “Where are you?” asked Slaight.

“I’m the one that did it.”

The receiver was then put down but the connection was not broken. Slaight could hear traffic passing in the background. He phoned the operator to trace the call. Police traced the signal to a pay phone located at 1231 Main Street, the Napa Car Wash. It was only four and one-half blocks from the police station and exactly 27 miles from the scene of the attack. That showed that he had left the lake immediately.

EXPLANATION: A mistake in speech that shows what the speaker is truly thinking. A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscious ("dynamically repressed") subdued wish, conflict, or train of thought guided by the ego and the rules of correct behaviour. They reveal a "source outside the speech". The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

Thus in  the cruel charade of Lake Berryessa only one person should die, everything else is the alibi of the other victim .....this is what the murderer wanted to say.
Read more: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Freudian+slip

And it is also a call for help, he states exactly where are their victims.

 4  Who wants to kill an unknown taxi driver? 
+ A Thief, He steals personal items

+ Two weeks after the Lake Berryessa attack Oct. 11, 1969 (Saturday), Zodiac shot a cab driver in San Francisco, ripped off part of the driver’s bloody shirt, and sent cypher codes to three local newspapers, demanding the cypher be printed. He signed the letter “Zodiac” and included the crosshairs symbol. San Francisco was bedlam. This communication kicked off years of letters and threats from Zodiac, although the murder of Paul Stine was the last killing to be officially credited to the Zodiac killer.

__ Paul Stine, age 29, was shot once in the head at point-blank range. The weapon was a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, not the same 9mm used in the Ferrin murder. Stine's wallet and keys were taken and a large portion of his shirt was carefully torn off.

__  He kills to collect.....  No.  The murder is incidental. The gunman wants to have an obvious evidence of his identity distributing pieces of Paul Stine's bloody shirt (He want a firm or personal signature). He steals to prove the Zodiac´s identity to other people, so i can deduce that he no longer wants to kill more people.

At the time, police believed that the victim, Paul Stine, had been killed during a routine robbery.http://zodiackillerfacts.com/author/admin/

+ There were three witnesses from a house on the southeast corner of the intersection. They called the police and described a white male, 25 to 30 years old, 5'8" to 5'9", stocky build, reddish-brown hair worn in a crew cut, heavy-rimmed glasses and dark clothing. 

The three witnesses, though hampered by poor lighting conditions and fog during their observation of the crime, worked with a SFPD police composite artist to put a face on Zodiac. A few days after the sketch was circulated throughout the Bay Area in the form of a wanted poster, the witnesses requested the sketch be altered to make it more accurate.


+ In a small town everybody knows everybody (because it would be hard to gossip about you if they didn’t.). The members of the community are related to each other in one way or another. ... Like this: 

Fragments of the book "The zodiac Killer cover-up" by  Lyndon E. Lafferty, Chapter XX, pages 176 - 177.
That´s has its good points and bad points; the point being that everyone knows your personal business and there are no secrets. And logically so we can connect together the male members of this sad story.

Like all victims, Paul Stine deserves justice.




+ Many of the confirmed victims targeted  (6 of 7) were couples in popular make-out spots who were gunned down IN A CAR or stabbed by a man.

+ Urban legend, countless B-movies and actual crime records have proven that distracted couples kissing in their car in a dark deserted place can be a target for nefarious characters.

+ Imagine how frightful the truth unvarnished would be without hypocrisy and its accompanying equivocations to hide the conduct of life.

+ In a rural area it's hard to keep secrets

+  Arthur Lee  Allen.....the prime suspect was a sexual pervert known but not reported to police until 1974:  Detective Mulanax  contacted Allen's former employer, the owner of a service station in Vallejo. The owner described Allen as an honest, efficient worker who had a habit of showing too much interest in small children, including one of the man's three daughters. Mulanax learned that Allen had recently taken the man's young daughter on his boat without the man's knowledge or permission. Mulanax wrote, "While on boat, Allen is alleged to have made improper advances towards the girl." 

__ Allen lost his job at the Greater Vallejo Recreation Department approximately five years earlier due to his association with small children. Kidder, the head of the GVRD, stated that he had received numerous complaints from parents regarding "various acts towards their children." Like the owner of the service station, Kidder had not reported Allen's inappropriate conduct to police.

__ Vallejo police spoke to the owner and operator of the Arco Service Station in Vallejo. Vallejo police told the man that they were conducting an investigation of a former employee, Allen, who had worked at the station on a part-time basis for approximately six months, until the owner terminated his employment in April of 1969. The man described Allen as an "undependable employee" who had a drinking problem and was "too interested in small girls."

__ Arthur Lee  Allen, a man who  covets a particular goal and is the target of all the people for the Swiss watch brand Zodiac...

 What a waste of time!.
SOURCE: http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/allen.htm



+ If you live in a fairly rural location with lots of little back-roads that are steadily, though infrequently traveled. On any given night it's about  for the course for at least one set of headlights to flash on at a distance of about a quarter mile as I approach. I don't deceive myself as to what's going on in those cars, or why the headlights suddenly shut down when my light come into view..... Imagine  having  a spot popular with local teenagers cruising after dark like Lake Herman Road (Benicia), the parking lot of Blue Rock Springs, a golf course in Vallejo, & Lake Berriessa (Napa).

__ An example: The crime scene at Lake Herman Road in Benicia, just outside of Vallejo city limits, where Betty Lou and David Faraday were murdered on December 20, 1968. The entrance to a pumping station was known to be a lover’s lane by many Vallejo and Benicia residents, 

__ The murdered cabbie was not the usual Zodiac-style victim.

We can deduce that the murderer knows Vallejo, Benicia and Napa. He lives there.


+ Arthur Leigh Allen was the prime suspect in the Zodiac murders and the only suspect served search warrants by police. Allen owned a Zodiac watch and molested some kids. Really not much to the case against him. Don Cheney, who was Allen's former close friend and the first person to suggest Allen may be the Zodiac Killer.

 Elementary school teacher but the suspect was reported  to be a child molester. 
He was in the Navy in the late 1950's
& dishonorabily discharged .
He had had never married.

source: http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/allen.htm

 __ Mr. Cheney, who apparently spent more time with Allen, related that on different occasions Cheney and Arthur Allen would go hunting together and engage in conversations. On one occasion, Cheney and Arthur Allen were talking more or less in a science fiction type story mode, and Arthur Allen asked Cheney, 'Have you ever thought of hunting people?' Allen talked on, relating how he could go to a lovers lane area and use a revolver or pistol with a flashlight attached for illumination and an aiming device, and he would walk up and shoot people. Allen went on saying that it would be without motive and how difficult it would be for the police to investigate. Allen stated that he would send notes to police or authorities to harass and lead them astray, and he would then sign the notes, “Zodiac.” Allen also talked about shooting the tires of a school bus and picking off the “little darlings” as they came bouncing off the bus.

__ Ronald Leigh Allen did say that he was acquainted with Cheney and Panzarella, and that "they were responsible people who would not have made such statements if they were not true. He further stated that he had received a complaint from Cheney that his brother had made improper advances towards one of his children." ....... According to Ronald, his brother "drank to excess and had a definite problem as far as children were concerned."
Read more about this: http://www.zodiackiller.com/Cheney.html

__ The San Francisco Police investigation of Allen ended. Their investigation failed to uncover any evidence that linked Allen to the Zodiac's crimes.....  Mageau's original description of the killer did not match Allen. As a witness, Mageau left much to be desired. He had abused alcohol and drugs for many years. Retired detective Ed Rust had interviewed Mageau in the days after the shooting and did not believe he could have identified the gunman in 1969, let alone do so some twenty-two years after the shooting. But ....

... Allen's problem with children had apparently led him to molest a young boy, and officers of the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office arrested him on October 1, 1974. Subsequently convicted, Allen served out his sentence at the Atascadero State Hospital. The convicted child molester joined the hospital population on March 14, 1975.  SOURCE: http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com/allen.htm

+ Robert Graysmith's book  advanced Arthur Leigh Allen as a suspect based on circumstantial evidence:  He owned and wore a Zodiac brand wristwatch.

__ Did suspect Arthur Leigh Allen really wear a watch with the Zodiac's symbol on it?__ Yes. The movie (ZODIAC) shows Zodiac suspect Arthur Leigh Allen wearing a watch that bares the killer's symbol and the brand name Zodiac. The real Arthur Leigh Allen wore an identical watch, the Zodiac Sea Wolf watch. Robert Graysmith commented on this in an interview, "To use the symbol ... to wear that watch, and to be at the crime scenes and to know the victims ... he would have to be the Zodiac."___
Robert Graysmith's.

According to Allen, his mother had given him the watch as a gift approximately two years earlier.

__ Allen had never been publicly named as a suspect, and had Graysmith used his real name in his book, he could have faced a lawsuit for defamation of character, or any number of legal woes. Therefore, Allen's name was changed to "Bob Hall Starr," and, using this pseudonym as a shield, Graysmith was able to distort and exaggerate the facts, omit exculpatory evidence, and invent much of the case against the suspect, all without fear of repercussions.

+ Allen claimed police had pressured him to submit to a polygraph examination  in the 70's. He said, "I took a 10 hour lie detector test and passed the...damn thing...So, they tell me, 'Well, you're a sociopath and you can cheat on lie detector tests." (Reminds that the Zodiac was thought to be a sociopath). 
__ By Staff writer Jacqueline Ginley interviewed Allen toThe Vallejo Times Herald.

We can deduce that the murderer knows the life and habits of Arthur Leigh Allen.

(If people expect a monster, then you gives a monster).

LIKE A TYPICAL PROFILE  (Zodiac stereotype)
The  typical Quantico psychologist says that the Zodiac killings would probably still be continuing if the killer was not deceased or imprisoned. He stated that most serial killers would "keep souvenirs or trophies from these criminal acts...so they can keep these in a hidden place and relive the incident many times over".  Doctor added that such killers would often store these trophies along with "journals and news clippings of the crimes themselves" in "ingenious hiding places within their residence such as, false walls, hidden safe, etc." It was possible that a serial killer might have a storage place at another location.

__ The Zodiac displays traits of both a serial killer and a spree killer; though he often targeted more than one victim, used a pistol and had shorter and shorter intervals, he did apparently not commit suicide right after his killings ended and usually targeted a specific, physical type rather than a certain demographic. 

__ The same way, he also displays traits of both an organized and a disorganized offender; though he left survivors, he brought his murder weapons with him (when he attacked Hartnell and Shepherd, he even brought pre-cut lengths of rope), had enough presence of mind to attack his victims in secluded locations and, most notably, got away with the killings. Since he brought murder weapons and ligatures to bind his victims, the most accurate classification for him could be Mixed classification.

__ The Zodiac was a narcissist who craved attention and sought to make himself known by taunting the police. From the letters received by police, it was apparent that the Zodiac wanted his identity to be known eventually but was interested in seeing who would be smart enough to crack his code.

__ As mentioned before, his use of odd spellings led police to believe that he was foreign, possibly British, and would have a military background. This would be either Naval or Merchant Marine. Additionally, all of the Zodiac's confirmed murders took place on (Mageau and Ferrin) or near holidays (Faraday and Jensen) or on a Saturday at night (Stine) or the late afternoon (Hartnell and Shepherd), suggesting that he had a day-job or something else that kept him occupied during the week.

__ The Zodiac might have also been either impotent or had bad relationships with women, due to the overkill on his female victims.  

 Zodiac Killer+ Criminals minds Wiki

We can deduce that the murderer knows the law and the behavior of the local  and state police department. In some library should be the book that explains the criminal routine that he's copying. He is a student.

Final Opinion / Draft of a novel.

+ City life breeds a more dangerous lifestyle and leaves no chance for getting to know your fellow townsfolk. On the flip side, living and growing up in a small town is better than doing so in a big city. Everyone knows your name; there is a sense of community spirit and just going to visit your neighbor can be rewarding.

__ But it´s difficult to come out in this type of environment because, despite the small town mentality and the fact that everybody knows everyone else, sex is everything. straight sex that is. and peoples attitudes toward you change entirely if they know you´re a sinner.

__ So... living in a small town as a female adulterer or gay man  is incredibly difficult. At least in the south. I want  not to perpetuate stereotypes, but its a fact that most southern towns are by nature more conservative and less accepting.

__ That's the way it is in small towns. Gossip is a way of life in small towns and many people in them will go to great lengths to find out everything they can about their neighbors. The main form of recreation seem to be gossiping about who had a drinking problem, who was having sex with whom, and so on.

__ Anybody who is mean spirited and manipulative can start rumors that have no truth to them, and cause serious damage to a person's reputation, depending upon what kind of power that person wields in a community. This can definitely seriously damage quality of life, and it may have nothing to do with lifestyles or "deserving it." To pretend that there are no baseless vendettas in small towns is pretty shortsighted.  Let's not be all Pollyanna about it.

+  If your marriage is going badly, denial is a defense mechanism, and with divorce and its pain, denial helps numb us so we can carry on. The court can divide your property and issue orders relating to child custody and visitation. Dean Ferrin is facing a public humiliation, and even worse, he may lose her daughter by her adulterous wife (and this is no secret to the locals). Then there is only one solution, but he needs an alibi.

+ Moreover Bryan Calvin Hartnell had reached the state. He was a young student who wants to be a lawyer. Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As a child he moved frequently with his father's ministry, which became very adept at making new friends in the new communities. So he knows another church member Cecelia Ann Shepard and she falls in love despite having a boyfriend, Gary, who leaves aside for the newcomer.

__ Cecelia was very much in love with Bryan and looked forward to a future together but,
suddenlyit was over and they were no more than friends. There was no rival. No other lover. Something bad had been discovered and this makes impossible the love. 

Can Cecelia keep the secret? 
Can Bryan allow someone to know his secret?

Then there is only one solution, but he needs an alibi.

+ Somehow they became friends. A man who knew the country and another man who knew the world crime trends being that for his studies to become a lawyer has read books about the history and the criminal mind. A plot like the novel  "Strangers on a Train".

__ Thus Bryan killed the first couple and then killed Ferrin's wife and seriously wounded his lover. The first crime was random, any couple could have been killed. They were too young to have an enemy and they died in a corner of the county, in a place known by the locals. The second crime was the beginning of the show because it was necessary to distract people from what is evident. And so the first objective was achieved: No divorce, no one will take the daughter to him, no matter what people think of him.

__ The most difficult murder is committed now. Bryan must convince Cecelia to go to a certain place where Dean Ferrin awaits them....and to survive only he.

__ She no longer loves him but they are still friends after allAt the lake, they agree to use the knife so he has a better chance to survive but she also (the difference between the wounds of each should not be extraordinary, because people would suspect). They need to make a cruel charade for the victim,  because if  she survives, is also she the alibi. As a precaution to avoid mistakes and ensure the timely arrival of help in the right place, the stabber leave a message (localization signal) on the car door with a pen and telephone the police at the earliest opportunity ...but then he commits the second error, he says:

 “I want to report a murder – no, a double murder. They are two miles north of Park Headquarters . They were in a white Volkswagen Karmann Ghia.”. 
 This is  Freudian slip, a mistake in speech that shows what the speaker is truly thinking: "I'm here to kill  ONE  human being"

__ The first error happened before, but until the advent of White Ranger this will not be apparent. Cecelia and Bryan are interrogated, and she partially confirmed the story but he can not to lie in front of her and state that "the assailant said  wanted stab them, and the victim said he wanted to be stabbed first because he can not stand to see she stabbed". Since then Bryan tried to hide this agreement and  says  that he did not know what would happen to them.

  __ The last murder was committed by Dean Ferrin because Bryan was in the hospital. A  taxi driver randomly chosen was killed in San Francisco and his blood stained shirt was stolen to keep alive the show because all the objectives had been achieved. Killing is no longer needed, simply send a letter with a piece of bloody shirt to scare the people and embarrass the police.... again and again.


 Thank you, Lady Agatha Christie and Mr. Mark Twain for inspiration.



Zodiac movie versus Zodiac Bookshttp://www.chasingthefrog.com/reelfaces/zodiac.php

Zodiac Killer facts: Darlene Ferrin, Michael Mageau, and Blue Rock Springs Park

 Zodiac Killer.com

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 The Benicia Herald.+ The ZODIAC case. + WILL ZODIAC EVER BE SOLVED?

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The Original Example Of A Freudian Slip


Goodbye from Spain
Barcelona,  May  6, 2015


++++++++++++ Source of inspiration 05 ++++++++++++

DEAR CLARICE ...........

Hannibal Lecter  + First principles, Clarice. Simplicity.  Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself ?  What is its nature ?  What does he do, this man you seek ?

C- He kills to collect.....

Hannibal Lecter + No. That is incidental.  
What is the first and principal thing he does ?  
What needs does he serve by killing ?

C-  Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir...

+  No!  He covets.  That is his nature.  
And how do we begin to covet, Clarice ? 
Do we seek out things to covet?  Make an effort to answer now.

C-  No. We just...

Hannibal Lecter +  No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. 

Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice ?  

And don't your eyes seek out the things you want ? 

 You go to look at the source,  Clarice.  

SOURCE: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102926/quotes

Handwriting analysis, graphology, is not an exact science. A graphologist examines handwriting and offers only an educated opinion. Two different experts with the same education, training, and experience can and do reach conflicting conclusions.

1 comentario:


    Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

    The victim does not behave like a victim. Do you know people who behave like victim?

    Bryan Hartnell and Mageau survived.

    Mageau for this trauma he went into hiding and became a drug addict or alcoholic or both. He was also homeless for a while. His encounter with the Zodiac profoundly altered his life, ruined his life.

    BH studied law at the University of Pacific and received his juris doctor in 1975. He has practiced law in Redlands since then. He is a member of the San Bernardino Crossroads Rotary, The Unforgettables Foundation, the Redlands Community Music Association, and other organizations. He is active in his church and is a producer of their televised worship services. He is married and have 2 sons.

    Obviously one victim did not exhibit “visible distress”.

    The most common problem, affecting three quarters of victims, were psychological problems, including: fear, anxiety, nervousness, self-blame, anger, shame, and difficulty sleeping.[2] These problems often result in the development of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Post crime distress is also linked to pre-existing emotional problems and sociodemographic variables.

    ... but this is not evidence. The evidences are in police reports.

    + Why? said Cecelia. She had not planned any for that afternoon.She left her boyfriend, Gary, for him but now .... nothing, friendship among members of the Adventist church doing their homework. Love disappeared for some reason.

    + Crime Scene: The Ranger White asked both. Cecelia was here and BH can not lie to them because Cecelia also is a witness, victim and alibi..

    + The agreement between the murderer of Lake B and BH (stab me first et cetera....) according the Ranger sgt White.

    + The attacker does not steal the car or other personal belongings, it is clear that he is there for ONE reason: to kill

    + Zodiac´s message on the Bryan's car door like a location signal to rescuers to avoid possible confusion and waste of time. In a dark-colored car the pen is useless.The murderer knew the color of the car?

    + Phone call: The zodiac of LB speech error ( a Freudian slip) and notification to rescuers the exact location of the crime. In fact the murderer wanted to kill someone and want to save another person

    + The difference between the injuries and the dubious willingness of killing (someone has forgotten how to kill, or not?).

    I perceive you are still sceptical. But first let me say this: To be sure means that when the right solution is reached, everything falls into place. You perceive that in no other way could things have happened.

    + The success of Lake Berryessa is a cruel charade to kill Cecelia and to provide an alibi to Bryan. The weapon used allows to control the severity of injuries. he does not fight, and she did struggle and the movement aggravated wounds. The number of injuries is also different. The murderer does not check if they are dead.

    ....but she can survive despite the wounds. She can make a statement in articulo mortis. Thus it is necessary make a farce for Cecilia.The ranger may question both at the crime scene and he must tell the truth in front of Cecelia because she can contradict him.

    The motive? She knows who he really is and not like this. And he does not support that someone knows his secret.


DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.