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jueves, 5 de febrero de 2015



+ Recently I had a dream. Someone told me that in February the life would change.
but in what sense?  ..............but in what way?
+ Previously I had a dream about Mccormick and the two
indecipherable notes, and that dream is being fulfilled:

Only I guess something will change, will radically change the... world?

Facts and Decisions that will change the world as we know it will be taken on february.

Until today the news are not good ( Feb. 5, 2015):

 + GREXIT: Syriza Party Wins, Euro to Collapse.
   Greece's new left-wing government is insisting it will stick to its anti-austerity agenda, hours after the European Central Bank tightened the screws on Athens by withdrawing a key borrowing option..

+ PUTIN   Russian paramilitary troops attack western Ukraine 

 Top NATO general warns of Russian reaction to arming Ukraine

+ ISIS   Jordan's king vows 'harsh' war against Islamic State. Jordan launches new airstrikes.
The shocking images of a Jordanian Air Force pilot being burned alive in an outdoor cage by ISIS terrorists have galvanized the country.

+ FRANCE  President Francois Hollande says France is providing support in logistics, operations and weaponry for :
_Combating ISIS
_African countries uniting to battle Boko Haram.

+ CIVIL WAR  in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia ..... and other violent riots in other Muslim countries but allies of the Western countries (combating the Egyptian military dictatorship, et cetera).

+ SCIENTIST   It is now three minutes to midnight, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, which is warning that the end of humanity may be nigh. The group behind the famed "Doomsday Clock" announced at a news conference that it was adjusting the countdown to the End of it All by taking away two minutes. It is the closest the clock has been to Doomsday since 1984.
More:"The Doomsday Clock is ticking again. It is now three minutes to ‘midnight,’ a.k.a the end of humanity."


 But I'm not so sure about that, you know, let's wait and see?


"Did God foreknow and actually foreordain our deeds from eternity?" Bishop Theodosius asked.
"Truly, I do not know. I wish to understand what we can control and what we cannot, and how God foresaw one and foreordained the other." replied the saint  Maximus  ca. 580-662 a.d.
(The Life of Our Holy Monastic Father Maximus the Confessor and Martyr)

Goodbye from Spain
Barcelona February 5, 2015


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  1. A month ago I wrote here that February would be a very important month, well, this is what happened.

    + RUSSIA: Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot dead Friday(27) night on a bridge near the Kremlin while he was walking home from a restaurant.

    Nemtsov was a deputy prime minister in the 1990s.After Yeltsin chose Putin as his successor, and Putin's subsequent election in 2000, Nemtsov became one of Russia's sharpest and most outspoken Putin critics, especially since last year's uprising in Ukraine.

    Could Nemtsov Threaten Putin in Death as in Life?

    + Greece is governed by a far-left party: Syriza
    + Pro-russian rebels Celebrate Victory Over Ukrainian Forces at Debaltseve despite the truce
    + France deploys aircraft carrier to join fight against IS in Iraq
    + The burning alive in a cage of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, at the hands of ISIS.His Majesty King Abdullah ibn Hussein, king of Jordan, is ready to fight heroically to protect his people.
    + Shiite rebels captured the capital of Yemen and they flee the legitimate government.The US embassy staff flees

    Does the world will change for that?



DEUTERONOMY chapter 18, verse 21-22.